Brookfield Kit Brochure 12x16

Available in 10x16 size. This large shed kit is designed for those who are looking to add a sizeable amount of storage to their yard with a beautiful storage building. Assembly is easy with the pre-cut kit allowing you to take your time with no special tools required. Move the windows or doors around to your style!

What is required before building on my property?

Depending on where you are located you may have local city and county covenants. These may include keeping it a certain number of feet away from the property line, avoiding easements, and may restrict certain sizes. Generally, the more rural you are, the less strict these become.

Your local HOA in your neighborhood may require a certain size, style, and have color restrictions. Be sure to check with your HOA president to make sure this particular shed is approved.

Some cities and counties require that you get a permit (frequently referred to as "pulling permit"). That's especially true if you intend on running electricity or plumbing. Some customers do not pull permit when it is required. We do not recommend that. Please contact your city office building to find out what is required in getting a permit. They often need a permit doc like this one by clicking the button below.

What's included with my Brookfield Shed purchase?

  • Premium grade 2x4 construction spaced 24 in. O.C.
  • Select grade pre-cut white pine trim
  • Premium LP smart side paneling grooved 8 in. O.C. treated to resist fungal decay and insect infestation carries a 50-year limited warranty, siding is primed ready to paint
  • Sturdy-built engineered truss system providing for 90 MPH wind loads and 40 psf snow load
  • 6 ft. - 4 in. high wall height; 9 ft. - 6 in. peak height
  • Pre-assembled, 6 ft. H x 5 ft. - 4 in. W door trim panels with cross buck door design
  • All required nails, hardware, glue are provided along with detailed easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Assembly required, some cutting required during assembly
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Check with your local permit office before building
  • Delivery is curbside at end of driveway

What add-on options do I have

The main two options are whether you want windows and whether you want a floor. The windows are nice if you want extra lighting and ventilation. If you are using this at a business or need less eyes peaking in, you may choose to forgo any windows. You can also choose a floor if you'd like. We do recommend building a base of some sort, even if it isn't our flooring. You'll want to keep the shed a few inches off the ground surface to ensure it lasts decades without sitting in water with the siding touching the ground. You can add flower boxes and items that are not included such as a cupola with a wind vain. You can insulate the shed if you choose. There are a lot of customizations you can do on the Brookfield.

How easy is assembly?

Optional Floor

The deluxe floor includes 4×4 treated runners which gives support for the floor joists and allows you to set the foundation directly on grass. By raising the foundation above the ground the 4×4’s provide for air flow which eliminates moisture. The deluxe floor includes 4×4 treated runners, treated 2×4’s 16″ o.c. and 3/4″ plywood.

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