Legalizing Marijuana Ali Gallo

Marijuana is not something that comes naturally. Just like any plant, marijuana starts as a seed and is grown. Growing and taking care of any marijuana plant can take place as an occupation. Marijuana being legalized will give more Americans occupations. Another example is the fact that you cannot go to a local store and buy it. That being said, once it is legal in the states, this will create a job for people to sell marijuana. Some may say that this won’t create jobs especially if most Americans are against this legalization process, but most Americans are for the process and think it will be a success in their state.

Marijuana is thought to be addictive and quite harmful. Alcohol, Cigarettes, prescription pills, and even sugar are more addictive than marijuana and some are just as harmful meaning to brain cells and other body parts (not death.) These substances that people enter into their body are not thought of as being addictive or harmful, people just think they are helping them or allowing them to have a good time. Considering marijuana can be harmful if taken an unnecessary amount, many people may not agree. People think of marijuana as the most addictive and deadly drug, but it is just as addictive as the other substances that people may use everyday.

Ultimately, marijuana is known for cures. Medical marijuana is any part of marijuana that is used to treat health problems. Most marijuana is sold the same with the same ingredients, just one is used for medicine whereas the other is used for human pleasure. But, most marijuana that is given to people is the exact same thing that people smoke and/or people use for cure. It is quite understandable if people do not agree. They may think it does not help people and they aren’t the same, but studies have shown that marijuana is a major cure for cancer. An article printed says, “The medical community is clearly saying they support using marijuana as a potential treatment option for any number of medical problems. In fact, many doctors already prescribe it.”

Being said, Marijuana is not dangerous and is not only used for pleasure. Marijuana is used for so many purposes that are beneficial for humans. Although some people abuse it, there is no need to ban Marijuana because of a few irresponsible people.Instead of being thought of as, “the addictive and dangerous drug that people illegally buy and smoke for pleasure”, Marijuana could soon be known as “the legal, safe drug being used to cure and increase jobs all around the world.”


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