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Life background

Anne was born into a middle class family in Newton, Massachusetts but moved to and grew up in Weston. Her father was a businessman but he was also an alcoholic and her mother had aspirations for literature that she was struggling with because of family life. Anne was comforted by her great aunt (Anna Dingley). Anne never liked school and had attention problems which prompted her teachers to advise Anne's parents to bring Anne to a counselor, which they did not like at all. In 1945 Anne's parents sent her to a boarding school in Lowell, Massachusetts (Rogers Hall). This is where she began to write poetry and do some acting. She met her husband (Alfred "Kayo" Sexton II), while she was actually engaged to someone else. While "Kayo" was in Korea serving, she became a model. She also slept with many other men while her husband was away. She had her first child in 1954. A year later her great aunt died, and it through her into a deep depression which led to her killing herself.

Poetry style and Influences

In 1957 she enrolled in a poetry workshop. Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, and W.D. Snodgrass were some of her major influences in her career. She writes in a way the you can really understand what she is feeling and see what her life was like. She made being a woman a serious issue in her poetry. some of her work included topics such as Abortion, Drug use, and Mensuration. Although controversial topics she was able to pull it off because of her skill as a poet.

some of her work included

45 Mercy Street (1976)

All My Pretty Ones (1962)

Live or Die (1966)

Love Poems (1969)

Selected Poems (1964)

The Awful Rowing Toward God (1975)

The Book of Folly (1973)

The Death Notebooks (1974)

To Bedlam and Part Way Back (1960)

Transformations (1971)


Anne Died in 1974 when she took her own life. Many factors lead up to her taking her life. The biggest reason was that her Aunt (that she was super close to) died, which threw her into a depression.

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