Model Portrait Inspiration MEn & women


Very simple wardrobe - turtleneck , sweaters , blazers, underwear , denim, jackets, boots , chuck Taylor's, clean tennis shoes/trainers, white tees, black tees, tank tops, fedoras,underwear, hoodies,crop tops

Black and White & color portraits, showcasing the model, his body and facial structure in the best light possible . Dynamic posing and showing a great range in expressions & personality is a must. Mix of studio & location is imperative

Grooming - clean/fresh face & conceal blemishes on face and body.

Retouching - minimal, leaving in texture and details while removing distracting elements like pimples, blemishes, discoloration & blotchiness


Very simple wardrobe. LESS IS MORE. tank tops, blazers, boyfriend shirts, underwear (black or white only), bra (black or white only), denim (dark & acid wash), crop top, SIMPLE dresses, white tee shirt, white tank top, tennis skirt, heels,

Make up - simple, fresh face, nude lip & conceal blemishes. LESS IS MORE

Retouching - minimal, remove distracting elements (blemishes, blotchy skin & uneven skin tone

Location Suggestions

Indoor w/ natural light by large window

In studio / apartment with natural lighting

Out doors on location

In studio , simple color background.

Black, white, grey, earth tone seamless 

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