Meet Ferrysburg's City Council Candidates

Scott Blease

Scott Blease

Age: 53

Occupation: New business development corporate wellness

Education: Bachelors degree, BBA from GVSU, major in marketing

Elected offices held: Ferrysburg City Council, 2011-2015

Community involvement: City of Ferrysburg Recreation Commission, 2009-2011 and 2016 to current; NORA Board, 2013-2015; Harbor Transit Authority Board, 2011-2013; Deer Advisory Board, 2010; Ottawa County Solid Waste Planning Committee, 2 years.

Why are you running for office? I was asked to run from some city residents and i feel i can make a positive contribution to the City of Ferrysburg.

What is the single biggest issue facing the city right now? Balancing the city budget.

How do you plan to address this issue? Work with the city staff, being good stewards of our resources, keep spending level, make wise decisions, monitor city services and try not to raise city taxes.

Why should voters choose you? I have the needed city government experience to help the residents of the City of Ferrysburg. I am a honest, dependable, ethical, positive, reliable person with integrity, a team player, open-minded and an effective communicator.

What sets you apart from your opponents? Previous City Council experience with a excellent attendance record.

Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson

Age: 56

Occupation: Industrial Sales.

Education: Petoskey High School, North Central Michigan College, Lake Superior State University.

Elected offices held: At present I'm a precinct delegate for Ferrysburg for the Republican Party.

Community involvement: I'm an Eagle Scout, and have served as a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster and District Commissioner. Additionally, I've served in various capacities with a couple of different churches, both United Methodist and Presbyterian, serving on various finance boards, youth groups and vacation bible schools. I've also assisted with getting a city library to become a District Library.

Why are you running for office? Community service is really in my family's blood. Both my grandfather and father have served as the mayor of Petoskey, and my father also as a County Commissioner. So my parents and grandparents certainly were involved in many community organizations and they lead by example. I'm a big fan of leadership. I read a lot about leadership and leading by example is the best way to lead and so that's really driving me to do this. It's all about community service, so I sense a need in the City of Ferrysburg for some leadership and I feel compelled to serve now.

What is the single biggest issue facing the city right now? Certainly the Smith Bridge issue is the largest issue right now.

How do you plan to address this issue? When all the facts are available from the engineering study of Smiths Bridge, council will decide how to best fund the project, whether it's a repair-retrofit or planning for replacement.

Why should voters choose you? Ferrysburg has had a long string of people that have run unopposed for seats. That is not healthy to not have people run unopposed, it just breeds bad things happening, even for good people. Remember what Eisenhower said about politics and policy: politics should be the part time profession of every citizen.

What sets you apart from your opponents? I'm familiar with working with different government officials and I'm well-versed and skilled with moving projects forward. Serving as a Ferrysburg Council member is a move forward in my desire for community service and making a positive difference in my community.

Michael DeWitt


Age: 65

Occupation: HVAC company owner.

Education: Trade school.

Elected offices held: City council.

Community Involvement: Zoning Board of Appeals, Harbor Transit Board, Construction Board of Appeals.

Why are you running for office? Re-election to keep Ferrysburg fiscally sound.

What is the single biggest issue facing the city right now: Division of the people.

How do you plan to address this issue? Take all opinions into account.

Why should voters choose you? Served six years on council.

What sets you apart from your opponents? Experience in office and business.

Note: City Council candidates Ivy Barnes and Dan Mattson did not reply to our requests for information.

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