My Experience At The Harn Rachel wechsler

Medium of the Artwork

One artist's artwork that really caught my eye was the work of Cundo Bermudez. He was an artist that painted murals and participated in print making in Florida, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Most of his artwork is abstract with a lot of character and shape to them. I think that these paintings were very interesting to look at because while we all know the works of artists such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, but I feel that a lot of the greatest artists are not known worldwide and not appreciated enough. The two paintings pictured show humans but in a very abstract manner. I think it is very cool how Bermudez has developed a passion for abstraction and finds a way to incorporate it into all of his artwork. I enjoyed looking at all of his artwork and understanding that his passion showed through in all of his paintings. This relates to the good life and can help viewers of the artwork feel connected because he paints everyday situations with interesting designs and figures, which can allow people to open up their minds and look at artwork with different perspectives.

Design of the Museum

Frida Kahlo is a very famous and well known artist throughout the world, and I think it is extremely significant that a large photo of her is placed right when you walk into the museum's exhibits. Frida Kahlo is a very important woman in history because she lived a life full of determination and always expressed her passion through artwork and everything that she participated in. I think that the museum's positioning of Frida's exhibit right in the beginning of the museum helps to support the idea of Frida being a very powerful woman figure. The Frida Kahlo exhibit and Frida Kahlo in general can help achieve the good life because people have a lot of respect for her to begin with as a powerful woman figure and this exhibit allows us to look deeper into her lifestyle and the things she experienced in her life.

Art and Core Values

This painting represents a skyline in a large city. The deeper meaning behind this painting that I was able to find after looking closely and reading into it is the terror that Jewish people had to go through in order to escape to escape from the Nazis in Germany. I come from a Jewish family, and although none of my family members were personally victimized by the terrors of the Nazis, it is still a subject that touched me personally when I saw this painting in the museum. People used New York City as an escape from the pain that they were experiencing. When I saw this painting on the wall I automatically was drawn to it because I felt a personal connection with my core values when I saw not only New York, which is where I am from, and then I proceeded to read what the writing said and felt that it related to me as a person even more. This helped me gain a greater understanding of the good life. I felt personally connected and I realized through this that artwork is a great way to express feelings and get a deeper understanding of different concepts.

Art and the Good Life

This sculpture of a Buddha does a great job of connecting art to the Good Life. In class, we spent a lot of time studying Siddhartha which focuses on achieving englighenment and finding inner peace by reaching Nirvana. This sculpture exhibits the Buddha meditating, an activity that people participate in while trying to find their inner peace and relax their minds. The messages from the Buddha that I receive are to not dwell on things that we cannot control and to clear my mind in order to get the most out of things that life has to offer me. These are huge components of achieving the good life because without a clear head and inner peace, one cannot achieve all of the factors of the good life. This has an overall really interesting connection to the good life because reaching enlightenment and learning how to clear your mind and reaching inner peace are all very prominent ideas of the "good life."

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