kimmy My big Sister

Kim Kim bo bim, banana fanna fo fim, Kim

She accompanied me through many walks of my life and brought music along to encompass us. She always watches over me with her prayers and loving kindness.

Howard and Barbara Joan' s first born
Destined for greatness.
Our grandpa (doc.) Pete Vaughn in the garden
We had a big tire filled with sand in our back yard that we played . Uncle Rick holding us at our home on Institute.
We watched our first tv shows - Sherri Lewis with Lamb Chop and Captian Kangaroo in our cozy home
We Shared our Christmas gifts
Our Christmas baby sister, Linda Lou, (my little "Holly")
She took care of us and helped mom a lot.
Rode horses and ran through the sprinklers, watched movies at the drive in, from our back porch in Tucson, and gazed at the open sky looking at the stars and wondered about the expanse of space . We played together in the big blue playhouse dad built.
Howie came along and we learned about boys and brotherly things. Dad was proud in a different way.
Kim helped us through many life situations. Lessons like, how not to sit on sissors, and getting your tonsils out reap rewards like.. A lot of ice cream. Then, ailments cause you to appreciate each other more. Life is valuable.
Growing up with a big sister has its rewards, like playing with her toys and having someone to walk home with from school.
She taught us to sing our hearts out with every musical like Camelot , The Sound of Music and the new English rock stars - The Beatles. She loves you, yeah yeah yeah. We imitated them with badminton rackets and acted out performances.
She had a special Mary Poppins doll that mom made
We had some turtles, guppies and a cat named Sammy
We ruined the neighbors iris by playing in them like a think forest. We eat cherry mash behind the fence that the neighbor boys would steal.
she was always the Best card shark and card shuffler. Solitaire, slap jack, uno
We both had Barbie dream houses. She was my playmate most of my early days.
School daze, neighbor boys, playing handball and jack tournaments
Going on vacations were fun, but Hot. We played games in the car on our road trips. One time our luggage flew off and clothes went all over the road..
She is excellent at digging up the past..She researched and documented our lineages and traveled to collect historical family connections. this is the remains of an O'Farrell castle. See the tiny person on the right by door
she Has more faith than most I know, a true believer.
Kim led us to believe that God and family are supreme over all..
She became the new driver and taxied us to the store and youth group. Hummer bummer bash mobile, an old tin can with a steering wheel, that blessed powder blue VW station wagon. We were stylin!!! Loved it
We shared a lot of music together and sang for friends, family, choir and other social group functions.
She was an example of a model student.
Graduated and was college bound
She was Auntie Kim to my Gabrielle
She started to become entertainated by sports
Kim could find joy in small things. Spending time with mom, one of her favorite things to do, movies and family gatherings
She married a great guy, Gary in 1984
Made her father proud
Is Always supportive
Raised a great family
She was part of The robed sisterhood
Played along with the crazies. Ye ha, ride em cowgirl
Dad's firstborn and football companion
Started to get serious
Full blown addicts
She is a successful parent and educatoer
And is raising two wonderful grandkids, with grandmas help of course.
She's our scrabble and Yahtzee buddy
And without her we would be lacking a link that keeps us together
She is a hard worker and relentlessly committed to those she surrounds herself with. Kim, You're a wonderful person are extremely loved by me....

Your "Wowie" girl and next in line sis, "Valerie Skallery Skoo"

Jan. 18, 2017

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