In this special edition of our newsletter we bring to you highlights from our key initiatives from the past 6 months. The unprecedented circumstances due to the pandemic have challenged the way we deliver our initiatives. However that did not deter us and we are proud that the entire team at RASA has worked very hard to ensure seamless delivery of our programmes by adapting to the online medium. In this edition we provide a glimpse of several key initiatives of RASA that took place between March – September 2020.

We look forward to your continued support for RASA

RASA 30 Valedictory Celebrations

It was a month long celebration at RASA to mark very special occasion and important milestone - the completion of the 30th year of RASA. This anniversary gives us an opportunity to reflect on our journey so far and to celebrate it with our friends, staff, the RASA community and our well-wishers, through art.

From August 27th to September 25th RASA presented a specially curated series of performances, workshops and discussions

Who we are & What we do
RASA's Online Art Auction

Presenting RASA's Online Art Auction - Here, we put up three Artworks created by our students at a time, once in every few weeks. Each work will be available for 15 days from the date of the announcement to place your bids. At the end of the 15 days, the Artwork will be sold to the highest bidder.

Here's a set of Artwork from this series

If you haven't already placed your bid, support us in this initiative by doing so now!

Last day to bid: 19th October 2020 (Monday)

RASA's Online Learning Experience

Interactive sessions of Dance, Drama, Music, Storytelling, and Art & Crafts with our facilitators

Do you have a special child at home who would benefit from these sessions?

Enroll them now.

Thank YOU for MY Art | RASA Web Channel

RASA Web Channel presents Thank YOU for MY Art, an opportunity to express your gratitude towards your inspiration, the people you who made you who you are today and dedicate a performance with a piece of your Art to them!

Inviting entries from Artists in the field of Dance, Music, Drama, Arts & Crafts and Storytelling

Participation is open to all

RASA Life skill Training Centre's Student Engagement Guide

At RASA we have been engaging our students by assigning them one activity every day which they complete with the assistance of their parents or family members while they #StayatHome.

During these times we would like to extend our support and start by sharing a set of activities we have been practicing, with you to help keep your children or family engaged.



A few moments that capture what our students have been doing at home.

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