Aiden Troutt #56 WwII

World War 2 is about to happen because Adolf Hitler has been making promises to Germany. He said since we had to pay for all the damage that happened in World War 1, let's show them who's boss. They blamed us, so let's get back at them. We need to fight and show that we are a strong country. So after he made all the promises, he started World War 2 by attacking other countries.

Adolf Hitler was the leader/dictator of the Nazis, or the National Socialists. He started running as leader in 1933. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's problems. He then put them in concentration camps.

Benito Mussolini the the leader/dictator in Italy. He and the Italians believed in fascism. He and the Italians thought fascism would solve their problems. Fascism is a political idea that gives power to a dictator and the freedoms of individual people are taken away.

Francisco Franco was the leader/dictator of Spain. He also believed in fascism. Mussolini helped him rule Spain. Francisco Franco was also the military leader.

Joseph Stalin was the leader/dictator of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a communist country. When WWII happened, he and the Soviet Union were on the Axis Powers. But, he later switched to the Allies because Germany was invading their land.

Hideki Tojo was the prime minister and the leader/dictator of Japan. Japan and Tojo needed to get resources, so they decided other nations in Asia and the Pacific.

America was involved with the events taking place when the attack of Pearl Harbor happened. At first, before the attack, America had nothing to do with WWII and had absolutely no interest in it. But when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in December, America declared war and joined the Allies.

In the end, the Japanese invaded southeastern Asia, and conquers more of China's land. What will happen next? Find out next.

Timeline of Attacks

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