Alexis LaClair and Alaska Lilliock 7th period

Egyptian Fast facts

A women's job is to sew and cook. Women have about 4 or more kids. Women get married around 12 years old. The men farmed or do carpeting .Men get married around 15 years old .


Our rich and our poor people wear similar clothing. The clothes are made out of linen. The women wear long dresses. The men wear loincloths , skirts,or shirt like tunics. In Egypt these are the cloths that we wear.

Egyptian religion

In Egypt, when someone dies they go threw a mummification process. First the body gets wash the body and cove it in oils. then we make a small cut on the left side. Then we take out the four manger organs the liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines. Next we put all of the organs inside of canopic jars. Then we pick out the brain with a long metal rod and break the nose. After that we fill the body up with linen and other materials. Next we cover the body with oils and put natron salt on the body for 70 days . After the 70 days are up we wash the body again and oil it. Next we start to wrap the body and as we are wrapping it we add little emulates. Once the body is all wrapped we do a test called the weighing of the heart witch is where we weigh the fallen pharaohs hearts to a feather . If the feather weighs more than the heart then the pharaoh will go to the after life if the heart weighs more then the feather then they will go into the under world and the under worlds dog will eat its heart. The last thing we do is we take a golden spoon and touch the pharaohs eyes ,mouth, ears, and nose so that the pharaoh can have all of his/her scenes in there after life. Once that is over we put he/she in the tomb. The tomb is filled with things the mummy may need like food, water and other stuff they would want. To prepare these are all the steps you would want to follow.

King Tut

King Tuts real name is Tutankhamen, but we call him King Tut for short. King Tut was 8 or 9 years old when he first became king. He wears a gold mask with turquoise and other gemstones on it. He controls the government in Egypt. He also controls the militarily and temple trades. He owns most of the kingdoms land. King Tut is our youngest pharaoh.

Food in Egypt

In Egypt we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Our main meal is bread and onions. We eat fish more than meat. Goats and cows produce milk. We often eat outside and cook our food outside too. We wash our hands before eating because we work outside. We sit on reed mats as we eat our food. These are our main food's in Egypt.

Nile River

The Nile River is a fertile land. We settle around the Nile Delta. The Nile Delta is a wide triangular shape. We develop irrigation to water our crops. We also catch fish and bath in the Nile River. The Nile River is very important to us.

Egyptian landmarks

One of the Land marks are pyramids. We put our fallen pharaohs inside of the pyramids also known as a tomb. We also put other important people like our pharaohs wife's inside the tombs. We put all of there special belongings inside like things that they will need for the afterlife. Pyramids are one of Egypt's greatest landmarks.

agriculture & farming

We use our farm animals for milk and meats. Some of the animals we have are goats, pigs, sheep, and cows. We use hoes to dig up dirt and to dig up irrigation canals. We have plows to plant seeds with, and sometimes cattle pull the plows. A shaduf is what we use to carry water to our fields. A shaduf has one bucket of water on one end and a weight on the other side to keep it equal. Agriculture is very important to us in Egypt.

This is a map of Egypt.

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