The Shang Dynasty rose to power in Northern China during the period of 1700 B.C - 1027 B.C.

Advance Cities

AnYang is the capital of the Shang Dynasty.

The Great Shang City was built by the Shang ruler Pan Keng.

Ao was the first urban that was built in 1950 by Chung Tinh the 10th Shang King.

Shang Ao city


Artisans → bronze axes, chariots, and chalices.

Tools, Sword

Priests → oracle bones to tell the future.

Workers were specialized to work with materials such as:

  • bone, jade, ceramics, stone wood and shells,
  • tombs for the kings and queens for when they died.

Merchants traded the goods that the artisans made.


Religion linked to Family (Spirit ancestors)

  • Power to bring good fortune disaster → living members of the family
  • They believed that their ancestors lived in a spirit world
  • spirit of their ancestor would guide them and keep away as many bad things as they could.
Fang Ding Zun

To worship their ancestors

  • place food-bronze vessel called the Fang Ding Zun
  • put wine- to a bronze container called the Jia

Record keeping and writing

Ancient Chinese writing comes from oracle bones found at a site near Anyang

Writing Method → each character = 1 syllable or unit language

Advantage: people all of China knew system of writing (unifies)

Disadvantage: memorizing enormous # of different characters

Limited # of literate, educated Chinese

Turtle Shell (oracle bones)

Advanced Technology

Chinese books began as thin slips of bamboo or wood connected by thongs and used like paged books or scrolls.

Printing developed from engraving on stones and metals as well as taking ink rubbings from stone reliefs.

Watershed Event

The Great Wall

  • Purpose: served as a protection from the outsiders (Mongols) invaders and attacks
  • Built 7th century B.C.
  • Qin Shi Huangdi → 1st Emperor of China
  • Barrier between civilization and world
  • Powerful symbol of the country’s enduring strength

Trumps Wall

  • Barrier between two countries: Mexico & United States
  • Wants to prevent immigrants crossing the border illegally
  • Symbol of power to the country
  • Protect country from any incoming violence
Top modern, bottom left is now and bottom right is during the shang Dynasty

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