Sit-ins Trang Nguyen

Sit-in Movement

This is Sit-in African American people all try to get their right to go anywhere they like and hope that other people will be nice to them, and all these people have been trained for these type of things they try to be violentest as they can but as a same people it hard for them to even violent their own people. They try their best till this day come to a restaurant for food they hope that they will get serve, but no one serve them food and they will just going to sit there until they get foods. Then all the white people started to leave the restaurant soon after some even stand up and started to yell at them and then hits them people started to do the same hitting them throwing food to their face. They can do anything, but sit there and let them have their ways after they all get hits the police come and bring them to jail.

Sit in all available spaces, request service, and then refuse to leave when denied service because of their race.

How this all started is there was Four freshmen from the Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina. They then sat down at the “whites only” lunch counter and placed an order but were refused service. They remained seated and were eventually asked to leave the premises; instead, they stayed until closing and returned the next day with more than a dozen other students. The sit-in movement destroyed a number of myths and stereotypes about Southern blacks that white segregationists had commonly used to support the Jim Crow system. As the movement grew and more students, both black and white, became involved, civil rights

How this relate to modern word today

Not all people not racism any more. There still people out there racism about the black people the civil right movement will never end because not everyone is accepting this. Some place out there is not available for colored people and only accepted the white people.

There are active hate groups in every single state.

This hate group are extremist networks very often motivated by race. White supremacy is at the root of many of these groups, which have not atomized since the civil rights era, when racial segregation ended.

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