388 Line maNdala's

Line Mandala's began late last year as a form of relaxation.My health had been very much compromised .The Manadal's became a therapy for me.The Mandala's are done in the digital format on iPad.I focus only on the line,there is no planned directions the line has a life of its own.The only constant is the lines.Art is a journey and has life of its own and this is My Mandala journey.

The Wolf went to the water hole.
Before the zoo the baboon remembers
Primitive nature
Can you here the children cry
Autumn in suburbia
Green green grass of home
Lilac is a colour purple
Deep blue
Creations heart beat
Depths of Neptune
Hue is a colour of love
Bi Polar is not a dirty word
March of the Trees
Knight s of the round Etta
Created By
Vanessa Kemp

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