Jason "this is a mistake" May Semester 1 Porfolio

Client Work

Serra Robotics T-Shirt

This piece is a shirt design that I made for the Serra High School Robotics Team, for memorabilia and to wear during competitions. I used Adobe Illustrator for this piece, starting with the front, and then making the back. Working through it, I had a lot of difficulty with getting the design on the front to look good, as it seemed very off for the whole time I was working on it. For the back, I had difficulty making the theme consistent with the front, until I realized that it didn't have to be because neither would be in view at the same time. Because of this, I decided to focus primarily on making the information presentable. As I was the client for this piece, along with a group of 14 other people, I was extremely picky with how it turned out, and I was more motivated to make it as high quality as possible. When I went to print the design, I realized that it was technically challenging, because of the small margins on the front of the shirt - requiring perfect positioning - and the thin lines on the back - the ink wouldn't go through very easily, or at all. Overall, this piece was my favorite from this year - and the one I learned the most from.

De Portola Dance Ticket

For this piece, I used adobe illustrator to make the ticket. I went through 2 iterations of this design, in the first one I had the deportola logo on the top of the ticket, with the dance name and information underneath it. However, the emphasis was being placed on the wrong information. For the second iteration, I moved the 'Valentines Day Dance' to the top, and made it in larger size, because the information was more important. After rearranging the information based on priority, I was much more satisfied with the result. Even though this was a client piece, I didn't interact with the client, IE deportola administration, so I didn't get any experience with that, although it was interesting to try to follow their vague demands without being able to ask followup questions. Overall, I am satisfied with this piece and how effectively it conveys information, even though it may not be as 'cartoony' as was asked for.

Personal Work

I wanted to try doing a typography vaguely reminiscent of TRON, and, following hearing my name shouted out ~10 times a day, I decided to go with my name. I initially sketched it out on a piece of paper, and then I transferred it over to illustrator. I found that doing low quality traces to find ideas was really helpful for this piece specifically, and sped up the process a lot more than if I had tried to do it solely in illustrator. For this piece, I primarily had difference with the M, because I wanted to keep it within the grid, but that meant that the lines had to be thinner than the other letters. I was rather satisfied with this piece, and I might add on to it later. Something that I wanted to do, but was unsure of how to, was accentuate the blocklike structure of the letters even further.

This piece was my attempt at making a retro-like poster. I worked through this piece solely in illustrator, which may have been a mistake, because a multitude of the shadowing and gradient effects may have been easier to work through in Photoshop. Additionally, I didn't go into this piece having any initial vision for what I wanted to make, and in this part, making a sketch would have been extremely helpful. The dots that I put on the orange and on the radial background really contributed to how well it looked, and I think that that was the most effective part of this piece. I would have liked to develop the ribbon more, and maybe have the main ribbon be an upwards arc, and maybe remove or change the stars on the end of the main ribbons. My main dislike of this piece, however, was the different shades of orange that I had chosen, none of them reminiscent of the actual fruit. Overall, I am dissatisfied with this piece, although I do want to make another attempt at a similar theme, but with planning beforehand.

After watching Kai make a bunch of scenery pieces, I was inspired to try my own, albeit a more complicated and painful in every single way scenery piece. I started off with a physical copy of a photo, and decided to freehand make it inside of illustrator. Throughout this piece, I had difficulty with the coloration and shadowing of the rocks, and it manifested itself through the lack of poppiness/realism for each rock. Some of them actually looked realistic, but others looked like blobs of different colors. Through this piece, I learned how to use the live paint tool, although I feel that I was largely inefficient with my work. Overall, I feel as though this piece was largely mediocre, some of the rocks looked really nice, but others looked weak, and the water didn't look particularly like water. However, Illustrator doesn't seem like the correct program to do this in, and I could have done a mix of vector and pixel graphics in photoshop to make a stronger piece.

Every nightmare starts as a dream

Given that I spent almost the entire year doing adobe illustrator pieces, I decided to make something directly referencing it. I had the phrase dream factory in my head, and so I decided to impose the AI logo into a factory vector. Even though the design looks nice, I'm rather dissatisfied with it, because of the lack of originality it entails. It felt like I basically copy-pasted a concept - the 2d shadow vector - and put a different shape into it. From this, I was reminded that other people know a lot more than me, but even so, I am going to continue trying to make my own designs, instead of following tutorials and being boring.

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