2017...The Journey Continues shara cunningham - january newsletter

"He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord. " Psalm 40:3

This new year brings with it many new things. Another year of service to our Lord as this journey continues, new volunteers, new teams, new supporters, new opportunities and many blessings. I am looking forward to 2017 because I have a new song in my mouth, this is another year for me to praise God for this amazing call into His service and to share the love of Christ with others. This new year will also bring with it new challenges but I will continue to put my trust in the Lord. Wishing you all a Happy New Year! (Nawataki Mwaka Mpya)

New opportunities to learn

Once again our Eastern and Southern Africa team came together for our Continuing Education Retreat. It is always a wonderful time of learning, worship and fellowship. We were blessed to have Rev. Dr. Abjar Bahkou who taught us about Muslim Christian Encounters. He is a native of Syria and an ordained Lutheran pastor. This is a subject that is part of the context in which we serve as Islam is making it's way across the world. Rev. Bahkou shared with us the challenges of Islam walking us through what Muslims and Christians believe and reading text from both the Bible and the Qur'an.

Fun and learning together

Rev. Dr. Abjar Bahkou teaching about Muslim Christian encounters

Missionaries Rev. Eric Stinnet and Rev. Jeff Kuddes prepare communion

The Eastern and Southern Africa team

New Volunteers

January has been filled with new volunteers and new opportunities for them to serve across East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). Our agricultural team has grown and are serving in new areas in Kenya and Tanzania. Our dear friends and former missionaries Delano and Linda Meyer are serving in the Turkana lands where they will be a new mission station. They are researching opportunities to help restore the land due to overgrazing.

We welcomed Rev. Michael Giddings and Rev. Douglas Bergelin to serve at the Project 24 site - Othoro. Othoro is home to 25 boys ranging from 4th to 8th grade. The pastors came to help them improve their English by tutoring them after school. It was also a cultural experience as they were a part of their everyday life. We are thankful for the support of Project 24 through our volunteers.

Incredible volunteers

Delano Meyer with new Turkana friends

Rev. Giddings and Bergelin with the boys and staff at P24 - Othoro

New Adventures

In preparation for 2017 teams, I set out on a few new adventures. I was joined by fellow co-workers for Christ, Sarah Kanoy and Molly Christensen as we traveled to Amudat, a remote area in Northern Uganda, home to the Pokot people. This is the potential site for an upcoming team and we needed to be on the ground to visit with the pastors, local healthcare officials and see the surroundings. It was quite the adventure as we set out on an early morning flight on a 13 seater plane. The landscape was amazing and as we approached Amudat, all we could we was a small airstrip with nothing around it. It was a fruitful trip and I am excited about the possilbiity of a team serving in Amudat. A few days after our travels to Uganda, we set out for Tanzania to also meet with church leaders and look at potential sites. No small planes on this trip, but still quite the adventure. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in East Africa as we share the Gospel.

Sights of Amudat

Flying the friendly skies

Amazing landscape on the way to Amudat

Visiting a church in Tanzania with missionaries Sarah Kanoy and Molly Christensen

The Lutheran Church in Mdawi..potential site for a medical clinic

Visiting a church in Tanzania

Thank you for being part of this journey with me as I serve the Lord in Eastern and Southern Africa

Or you can send gifts to: Mission Central

40718 Highway E-16

Mapleton, IA 51034

Prayer and Praise

Pray for God's strength, guidance and wisdom as I serve in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Pray for God's mission in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Ask God to help me be a strong Christian witness to many people.

Pray for Missionary Molly Christensen as she transitions to West Africa.

Pray that God will build up my network of support so that I can continue to serve Him.

Praise God for a new year in His service.

Praise God for all of you and the love, support and encouragement that you give to me.

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