Rules of Being a Dancer By ellie provines

RUle number one:

Say goodbye to pedicures. Being on your feet and dancing on them 24/7 is going to make them smell. Those feet are in tennis shoes, jazz shoes, and/or pointe shoes all day, you're never gonna get that "smooth as a baby's butt" back. If you're really desperate though, maybe invest in a pumice bar.

rule number two:

Everything, I mean everything is going to be bedazzled, deal with it. From your hair bows, to your makeup, to your clothes, (and shoes) you're gonna be seen from space. You're gonna be itchy, and uncomfortable, but hey, look at that sparkle. After all, a costume just isn't a costume without them.

rule number three:

Never ever ever forget those facials. Showing emotion in your dances is way more important than you think. And remember, the more cheesy, the more points you get. So get out those pearly whites and smile till your mouth feels it's been stretched out for miles.

rule number four:

You're not allowed a social life out of dance. To be a good dancer, you need to eat, sleep, and breathe dance. The only time you get to see your family is when they're driving you to the studio, and during dinner, so savor those precious moments. Friends only exist in school, and at the studio. Hopefully you get along with other dancers...

rule number five:

The more hairspray, the better. By the end of getting ready for competition, you will have a whole can of hairspray on your head, and you will not spot a hair wispy in sight. Yes, your hair will feel like a brick, and yes you'll end up with half the hair you used to have by the end of brushing it out, but hey you looked good while preforming right?

rule number six:

Do not under any circumstances sass your coach. A lot of things could happen if you do. For example, she'll make you and your team do 150 burpees each for one person rolling their eyes. The someone doesn't do all of them, so she makes you do another 30. Just don't do it, okay?

rule number seven:

POINT. YOUR. FEET. This is crucial to every single part of dance... except maybe hip-hop. If you don't point those feet at a competition, you will get deducted points. If you want your point to be more curved, try pressing your feet against a wall while curved and keep pressing harder and harder until you reach desired point angle. Or, someone could always just push your feet down for you.

rule number eight:

Those all night conversations with your boyfriend are stupid and not necessary. You need sleep. You're already sore, and if you don't get sleep, you will yawn in class and/or practice, and your coach/teacher will yell at you for "not being respectful." So get your sleep, and prepare for another drilling day of dance.

rule number nine:

Practice, practice, practice. Those dances are NOT going to stick in your head with just one day of learning it. Practice at home, in gym at school, you can even go through the movements in your head every night before bed. Also, practice your techniques. When you practice jumps, leaps, and turns multiple times a day, they will get better. Even if you don't think so.

rule number ten:

Always stretch. Don't fool around with your friends while the rest of the team or class is stretching. Not stretching is one of the lead causes of dance injuries. When your body is warmed up, you will dance much, much better. Also, ab work during stretches is not "useless" or "stupid." It builds up your core and makes it stronger which makes for better turns, jumps, and just your flat out technique.


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