Stronger Together Cheryl's Story

Cheryl is a healthcare worker, mother of three, and Habitat homeowner. She reflects on life before Habitat.

It was just so stressful. It was a very, very stressful time for the kids. When you rent or you don’t own your home, they can just come in and say you have to move. Once when the kids were real little, I had no plans of moving but they were remodeling the building and all the tenants had to leave. So we had three days to pack everything up, and find a place to stay. I went back to my mom’s house and packed everything in storage and started from square one.

As she began the home buyer application process, she began to imagine what an empty lot could become. Before Cheryl and her kids had been formally accepted into the homeownership program they would attend informational meetings and then drive by the location and be inspired by how beautiful it was.

“I would pray every single day that God would give that to us. Having a brand new house? Unfathomable. I thought that was something I would never get to experience.”

Today, Cheryl has owned her home for several years. She has laid the foundation for her and her children to make lifelong friendships with their neighbors and she has found the financial freedom that allows her to plan for unexpected expenses and enjoy time with her family.

“I really, truly feel like we can enjoy life now. We get to live. We weren’t able to do anything before. We just went to Mackinac, which never would have been financially possible for us before.”

In addition to her children growing and making friends in the neighborhood, Cheryl’s life has expanded to include deep bonds with her neighbors and the other people in her condo association. She finds great pride in advocating for themselves and their community.

I’m meeting with my neighbors right after this [interview]—we’re pretty involved in the condo association. We are looking into speed bumps. The kids here don’t have a yard and people really speed down this street. We make decisions together, because this is all of our homes and making decisions about what is best for all the children who live here.

During the interview, Cheryl reflected on the impact her path to homeownership has had on her and her family. When asked to sum up the ultimate impact, she said:

“Financial freedom.”

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