Spanish Exploration Brian Roth

Christopher Colubus
Columbus Discovery
Spanish Conqstudorees
Gold From the New World
Spanish Conquistadores
Hernan Corttes
King of Spain
Columbus Finds America 1492


Created with images by ell brown - "National Maritime Museum, Greenwich - Explorers: the Americas and North-West Passage - portrait of Phillip II of Spain" • History Maps - "Spanish - Reception of Columbus by Ferdinand and Isabella" • Marxchivist - "1492 - Royal Standard of Spain" • (aka Brent) - "Christopher Columbus Statue, Baltimore" • History Maps - "Spanish - Conquistadors in Battle" • Neville Wootton Photography - "Buddha statue with Golden Robes and Offerings" • Proxy Indian - "Not small pox" • ramalama_22 - "Mexico City / Popotla -- The Tree that Cortez Wept Under and Church in 1885" • lorentey - "Charles V, a friendly guy" • WikiImages - "north america continent america"

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