Not enough K9 units by Matthew Dunn

K9's bite is worse than its bark. in this photo it shows a K9 it going after a volunteer helping in the training while running to help the k9 in the future in the art to take down a suspect who is running or a escaped convict with a weapon in their hands latching on the arm as it is trained to do.

A K9's presence with a police handler makes many people safer but not for those wish to do evil. the A K9's presence with a police handler makes many people safer, but not for those wish to do evil and or get caught in the act of a crime with a menacing police dog leaves hardly any chance to escape from authorites.
Dogs are better at finding illegal contraband than and faster than humans. In various fields such as football stadiums, the Olympics, or a major convention on the job whether events.

Dogs are better trackers than humans but they only take one K9 because the other K9's are on patrol duty and there isn't enough K9's in the police forces in small cities of Virginia.

The handler is in outdoor gear and tactical gear which could mean that there near a place that could be dangerous to get to or expecting trouble. Expecting to catch the criminals in the illegal activities such as making of drugs by planting the plants such as marijuana in the forests to grow, moonshine, or tracking run away convicts.
There are not enough dogs to be effective in small cities in Virginia that have Colleges with young people that usually cause trouble such as riot since they are at night being the most chaotic. The K9's usually patrol during the day and there is not any K9's on patrol at night to help law enforcement stop those who destroy public or private property.
Created By
Matthew Dunn


Created with images by cwwycoff1 - "Training Day - K9 Style" • bill85704 - "Police K9 Demonstration" • Elsa Blaine - "Toronto Police K-9 Team" • Alpha K9 - "Shah EDD at action search a bomb" • USDAgov - "K9_2" • xddorox - "Montreal PD riot squad" • william_79 - "london riots-26032011-001" • Dick Nivers - "Tension"

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