Sequel: Art students Reflect on First Semester Palo Alto High School art students detail their adjustment to virtual learning and say what they hope to accomplish during the second semester. Photo: Andrew Guillet

"A project that I changed as a result of being restricted at home was a painting of a bathroom that was supposed to be a project to help me in enhancing my skills in perspective. However, I realized the mood of the colors and the composition I painted already perfectly described the mood that many feel during this pandemic, so added some other elements to the painting so that it may relate more to the feelings of being in quarantine."

— Sophia Lee, freshman in Art Spectrum

Photo/artwork: Sophia Lee

"For my art class, we are supposed to create a piece every two weeks. Normally, our class time is spent off of Zoom in order to have focused work time in which we create our art. Since students do not have the same access to materials as they would have at school, we are regularly allowed to come to the art room at Paly while maintaining COVID precautions in order to pick up any supplies we may need! Then we submit all our work to Schoology."

— Reese Ford, junior in AP 2D Studio Art

Photo/artwork: Reese Ford

"I prioritize safety and health over getting new materials, so [last semester] I often turned to materials that I found around my house rather than new store-bought materials. I used my mom's old colored pencils from her college years, and old sketch books, easels and oil paints that I had lying around my house."

— Declan Greicius, senior in AP 3D Studio Art

Photo/artwork: Declan Greicius

"Last summer, I took a pre-college painting and drawing course online and so I got a sense before school started of what online arts courses would be like. However, the one main difference that I’ve noticed is that more of our ceramics pieces are 'practice' and that we don’t have the same chance to fire them in the kiln. For second semester, I’m going to set up a shop and make some more smaller pieces to sell. I have some ideas for mini paintings and crocheted or sewn plushies that I can sell at a low price point so Paly students can purchase them."

— Elise Adamson, senior in Ceramics and Advanced Painting and Drawing Honors

Photo/artwork: Elise Adamson

"I have adjusted to continue art through distance learning by turning our office room into an art studio. I gathered all my art supplies into this room and used it as a space to draw, paint and brainstorm ideas. My greatest accomplishment from the first semester was exploring a variety of forms of art. My goal for second semester is to continue exploring these mediums but focus more on installation. During first semester, I realized how much I enjoy making installation pieces and I want to take it to the next level by designing and creating a piece that I can install in public and in my community."

— Hyunah Roh, senior in AP 3D Studio Art

Photo/artwork: Hyunah Roh

"I think my greatest achievement from first semester was one, my acrylic piece because I’ve never used acrylic before, and two, the fact that I was able to do and get any art done. First semester was very hectic for me — adjusting to it, dealing with a lot of homework, it was hard to have time to complete my art assignments. In first semester, I tried too hard to create something perfect and amazing, so second semester I want to have fun with my art and try new things. I want to explore my art style. Even if I don’t like the results of what I’ve created, I would learn something from the experience."

— Jade De Anda, junior in Advanced Drawing and Painting Honors

Photo/artwork: Jade De Anda

"Class used to be about exploring different mediums like glass, silicon molding and wire. Home learning has forced us to use mediums like clay and cardboard to create pieces inspired by Zuni fetishes [ancient carvings] and Yayoi Kusama [a Japanese contemporary artist]. My greatest accomplishment so far is the clay face because it was the first time carving in that style and gave me a lot of respect for the old Italian sculptors."

— Andrew Guillet, senior in AP 3D Studio Art

Photo/artwork: Andrew Guillet

"I haven't adjusted how I make my art, but how I experience it has changed a lot. Art used to be very social for me; I would often make paintings for my friends, and I would attend art classes at the art center. However, now that's not possible; I find myself making a lot more digital art, and instead of gifting it to friends, I just post it on Instagram. It's also just harder to make art now because everything is the same every day; it's harder to find inspiration."

— Renny Argast, freshman in Art Spectrum

Photo/artwork: Renny Argast