St. Mary's Dog Park San francisco

Don't be confused by the entrance.

Make your way down the hill

Voila! The dog park entrance!


Most of the time I come here it's for husky meet ups since there's lots of space for us furry guys to run around, though not as big as Upper Douglass Park. This park is also completely fenced in with very high fences (for the escape artists).

I guess because of the neighborhood it's usually pretty windy here, too, so fur-parents, make sure to wear layers!

There's no view here for humans to enjoy other than watching all of us furry babies run around, which I think it just as good as any other view ;)


With all the playing some of us need a break here and there...

It definitely gets busy on the weekends so if your pup needs some socialization, this park is the place!

Stop sniffing my butt!!! 😜
Oh my, these guys are big!
Huskies everywhere!

This park will close for maintenance at times during the winter or when there are consecutive rainy days. Trust me, it gets muddy here really easily, so make sure to check the website if you're not sure.

Also, the fertilizer used here smells delicious to us doggies so don't be alarmed if you see us digging and eating dirt. Just make sure to watch us carefully and move us along. Or bring your own treats. Treats are always a good distraction.


Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is street side parking (you might have to circle around to find one, though!)
  • Yes, this is a fenced enclosure
  • No, there is no separate area for small dogs
  • Yes, there are doggy (and human) water fountains
  • Yes, there are poop bags (but I suggest to bring your own since they seem to run out frequently)
  • Yes, there are trash bins
  • Yes, there are benches (and picnic tables)
  • No, there are no toilets

🐾 Caesar

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