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Sedimentary Rocks are made by the deposition and cementation of materials found in bodies of water on earth. Sedimentary rocks are classified by their texture and the sediments or particles found in them.

Sedimentary Rocks are buried and have layers and layers of older rocks.

Rock Salt is a type of sedimentary rock. Most sedimentary rocks are found in oceans, rivers and deserts.
Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock found in deserts.
Metamorphic Rocks are formed when a different rock is subject to very high temperatures and high pressure which leads to a physical or chemical change with the rock.

Metamorphic Rocks are found beneath the earths surface. Much of the lower continental crust is metamorphic.

Gneiss is a type of metamorphic rock
Igneous Rocks are formed by the cooling and solidification of lava.
Granite and Diorite and two types of intrusive igneous rocks that both contain feldspar.
Rock Hammer, Hand Lens, Field Notebooks, Clipboard, Pencil Magnet, 1oz Acid Bottle and holder, Retractable knife, Pocket Scriber are some of the tools geologists use.Most are used to classify rocks.


Created with images by werner22brigitte - "rainbow bridge lake powell arizona" • Steve Snodgrass - "Curvy Rock (Sedimentary)" • James St. John - "Rhyolite dikes (Tertiary) in Homestake Formation metamorphic rocks (Paleoproterozoic, 1.9-2.0 Ga), Rhyolite Peak, Homestake Mine open pit, Lead, Black Hills, South Dakota 19" • James St. John - "Andesite dike in volcanic debris flow conglomerates (Absaroka Volcanics Supergroup, Eocene, 48-50 Ma; Rt. 14-Rt. 16-Rt. 20 roadcut, Shoshone National Forest, Absaroka Range, Wyoming, USA) 9" • mikbober - "geologist mountain lake mountain altai"

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