School Uniforms Detrimental or friendly?

School uniforms. Well there is one question to be asked.

Why are uniforms detrimental you might ask? Well here are a few reasons why they are. School uniforms heavily restrict students freedom of expression. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees that all people have the right to express themselves freely. So technically the uniforms are taking away students civil rights. At a time when schools are promoting individuality over conformity, so uniforms definitely do not help that movement. School uniforms may make people of different races or different genders feel anxious and uncomfortable. Also most students oppose school uniforms. Researchers at the University of Nevada at Reno found that 90% of seventh and eighth grade public school students did not like wearing uniforms. 81% of middle school students said uniforms did not reduce fights, 76% said they did not help them fit in at school, 69% said they did not make them feel more connected with the school community, and 71% said they felt no safer traveling to and from school. Uniforms may have a detrimental effect on students self image. When students wear the same thing everyday, rather than freely expressing themselves, studies show that it has an extremely detrimental effect on their self image/confidence. That is just scratching the surface on some of the cons of school uniforms.

Now that the cons have been listed I'm going to list the pros of school uniforms. School uniforms may deter crime and sexual harassment. A study taken in Long Beach, California, after two years of a district-wide K-8 uniform policy, reports of assault and battery in the district's schools decreased by 34%, assault with a deadly weapon dropped by 50%, fighting incidents went down by 51%, sex offenses were cut by 74%, robbery dropped by 65%, possession of weapons decreased by 52%, possession of drugs went down by 69%, and vandalism was lowered by 18%. Uniforms also reduced peer pressure among students. School uniforms also help students focus more on academics rather than the way they look or their outfits. A 2010 University of Houston study found that elementary school girls' language test scores increased by about three points after uniforms were introduced. School uniforms create an level playing field among students, reducing peer pressure and reducing bullying. When all the students at a school dress alike, competition between students over clothing will be reduced tremendously. In a 2013 survey by the National Association of Elementary School Principals and uniform manufacturers , 86% of school leaders said uniforms make "a significant, positive impact on peer pressure," and 64% said uniforms reduce bullying. So now that we have gone over the pros and cons its time for the million dollar question. Are uniforms detrimental or friendly? Personally, I think they are detrimental to students.

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