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On this page, you will learn the five themes of geography, along with the location, place, human-enviroment interaction, region, movement, current events, and a day in the life of a high school student that loves in Uganda. You will also see reasons why you should go to Uganda, in this section you will see the best parts of the country.


The geological theme of location is longitude and latitude. You can either have relative location or exact location.

The relative location of Uganda is in Central Africa, in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

These are pictures of the city of Kampala, it's roads, and an overview. The citiy's exact location is 0.3476° N and 32.5825° E

Uganda is located on the continent of Africa. This part of Africa has a tropical climate which is considered to be very mild for where the country is. The country also has two raniy seasons instead of a dry and wet season.

This is an African city that is very well populated and developed.

After the usual rain, Uganda gets a rainbow.

Having a tropical climate gives Uganda decent vegetation.

Though Uganda has a very mild climate and multiple wet seasons, fires still get started

Uganda has some special landforms in its presence. One of them being the Ruwenzori Mountains. Another landform is the Murchison falls.

The mountains and the falls of Uganda

Along with the many other landforms of Uganda, Lake Victoria is included. This lake is the largest in Africa, taking up more than 26,000 miles.

Rock formation in the Lake Victoria.

Place includes human and physical differences. This answers the question of what makes an area different.

Some natural resources found in Uganda would be gold, silver, timber, and more.

Natural resources in their natural state. (Gold, silver, timber, cobalt, and copper)

There are many different and diverse cultural groups in Uganda. Some of them being Ashanti, Teso, and Bantu

Pervious Ashanti leader.

Teso people are very political.

Bantu people have 300-600 ethnic groups

There are 4 religions that are practices in Uganda. 25% Muslim, 23% traditionalist, 41% Christian, and 9% practice other religions.

Each picture is something special to the specific religion.

There are many festivals and holidays in Uganda but a few of them are the Bugum festival, the Gologo festival, National Heros Day, and Panfest.

The Bugum festival is known as a fire festival.
National Heros day is to show for those who sacrificed their lives.
Gologo festival celebrates Chiefs and gods of Africa.

Uganda has a presidential republic with only 10.9% of the representatives, being women. Since their independence, they have had about 10 changes of government and counting. This country is known as one of the poorest countries.

Human Environmental Interaction

Human environmental interaction is when humans have any type of impact on the earth.

Uganda has many many crops and some of them are maize, yams, rice, and cocoa.

Maize is a good and a cash crop in Uganda.

Grown in most parts of the country

Rice used to be preserved for rich

Chocolate is a luxury

Some important jobs in this county are security, merchants, and the charcoal business is important.

There is a lot of diversity in the jobs in Uganda.

Uganda has a wide verity of endangered species. Some being the African lion, African elephant, and the African golden cat.

This lion is endangered due to the loss of its environment.
The golden cats are endangered due to the loss of their environment as well.
African elephants are endangered because hunters want to poach them and have their ivory tusks.

Uganda has a very high rate for illegal logging. Although they can't completely get rid of this issue, they are trying to control the timber trade.


Region is an area of places that are linked together due to common characteristics.

There are 3 major education systems in Uganda. 7 years for primary school, 6 years for secondary school, and 3-5 post secondary schooling.

The total population for Uganda is about 41.65 ,Illinois (calculated in 2017) and its current population density is about 209 people per kilometer squared of about 366 people per square mile. The area of Uganda is only 93,065 square miles. The capita GDP is 571.96 United States dollars (calculated in 2013).

The life expectancy for males is around 60.3 years and for females it is 64.3 years. The literacy rate in this country is about a 78.4%. Uganda is located in the northeast, with a semi-arid climate. But also on the tropical region.


The definition of the geographic theme movement is the movement of humans, ideas, and products.

Exports of Uganda

Coffee, tea, and cotton are exports of Uganda. Petroleum,cereals, and vehicles are imports.

Imports of Uganda

Ugandas flag is black, yellow, and red. It was adopted in 1962. It was the second flag designed by the country.

Ugandas flag.

Uganda gained its independence from Great Britain in October of 1962. They gained independence from Great Britain as a parliamentary democratic monarch.

Technology in Uganda is very limited so they use everyday objects to create new things.

A car battery charging a cell phone

A phone is attached to the bike for power

University of Kampala

Boda Boda cycles are bikes or motorcycles that get people around.

Boda boda cycle

Pedestrians have the most common way of travel, themselves.

People in the streets of Uganda.

Pick up trucks are favorable because of how much they can hold in their bed.

Even though we can't do this in the US, it's a typical way of travel.
Current events

Eight-year-old girl arrested for 'lesbianism' in Uganda

An eight year old girl was arrested for kissing her friends after a neighbor reported her having "romantic relationships " with girls that were her age. The neighbor also said that the girl lured her friends to a barn and "engaged in inappropriate behavior ". The chief investigative officer said the girl was being held in custody after admitting to her crimes.

LGBT parades in Uganda.
INTERNATIONAL Ugandan Rebel Leader Pleads Not Guilty

Dominic Ongwen is a commander of the Lord's Resistance Army, pleaded not guilty. He was accused of massacres and kidnapping between 60,000 and 100,000 children. 11 years earlier, a warrent went out for his arrest. He was also in ties with Joseph Kony.

Dominic Ongwen and one of the child soldiers
Why should you visit Uganda?

Kampala is the capital of Uganda, so it is very developed. It is also home to the Uganda museum which displays history of Uganda, among other things.

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to gorillas, multiple safaris, attractions, places to stay, and more.

One of the baby gorillas in the national park.

Semuliki National Park includes hot springs, safaris, and a nice warm climate.

One of the many hot springs.

Mount Elgon is actually a volcano but has no eveidence of its earliest activity.

Peak of mount Elgon.
Life of a high school student

A student that was interviewed by time magazine told us her daily schedule. First, she wakes up at 6 and eats breakfast with her family. She takes a bath and puts on her school uniform.

Normal breakfast

She arrives at her shcool at 7:30 and goes to her class. They do math and English in the morning at around 10, they have a break or a recess. They eat porridge and are allowed to go play a sport in the court yard.

Soccer is a popular sport in Uganda.

At 11, another bell rings and they go to Science and art class. Another bell at 1 and this is their lunch. They get beans and a ball of corn flour. At 2, they go to reading and writing class.

Lunch at most Uganda schools.

At 3, the students clean up the. Pass room. But not just regular clean up like putting chairs back, they have to clean the toilets, wipe the windows, and sweep the floor.

After the cleaning, the have to go to social studies in another class room.

After all of their classes, they finally get to go home around 6 pm. She eats dinner between 7 and the time she decides to go to bed.

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