Queen's Delight Insanely Delicious Eclairs

We are using only the best and the freshest ingredients we can find to produce insanely delicious eclairs

Our chef, Raisa, studied with Joakim Prat, who by the age of 29 had been Head Pastry Chef of 9 Michelin stars.

She's a perfectionist and she's always coming with new flavors and ideas on how to improve

We start each day very early in the morning. You can see us preparing the eclairs from the street or from the shop. Everything is being made right before your eyes

Each day 7 eclairs fill our fridge. And from time to time, a special one fits between them. Here is the list of our eclairs for now:

#1 Vanilla cream inside with white chocolate glaze and caramelized cashews on top

#2 Coconut cream inside with milk chocolate glaze on top and coconut flakes

#3 Cheese cream with homemade raspberry compote and fresh berries on top

#4 Hazelnut cream with toasted hazelnuts and a special dough, craquelin, crunchier than the rest

#5 Vanilla cream inside and whipped cream with dehydrated strawberries on top

#6 Tiramisu inspired eclair that has coffee cream inside and on top a mascarpone with a bit of amaretto cream

#7 Salted caramel cream with tonka beans inside with white chocolate glaze, crunchy caramel and salt flakes on top

#10 Black Forest inspired eclair with chocolate cream and sour cherries inside and whipped cream, amarena cherries and chocolate chips on top

Probably the best coffee in the world.

We're very proud to serve Gardelli coffee. They buy their beans directly from organic farmers and their decaf is being made with sparkling water, chemically free.

And, they are world coffee roasting champions

You can take your eclairs and beverages to go in our custom fitting boxes...

...or, you can enjoy them inside, in a cozy environment with great chill music

We're waiting for you downtown Copenhagen, on Gr√łnnegade 37

We're open from Wednesday to Sunday between 11:00 and 19:00

You can contact us at:


+45 53 87 20 53