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In searching to find her own inner peace and happiness, Lesley started her journey with Reiki, eventually becoming a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer and a Channel for Spirit in 2002. As with all discoveries she began with small steps, first meditating and then exploring vibrational sound and energy and the benefits it can bring in terms of well-being, stress-relief and relaxation. Already an established singer/songwriter, performer, voice coach, channel, author and poet she now combines all these elements to offer her unique style of sound work sessions she calls ‘Spirit and Sound’.

Spirit and Sound


She creates a safe, relaxing space where the everyday pressures of life can be set aside for a while, energy blockages can be released and a beautiful feeling of well-being and lightness can occur. Sound Work can help with sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and stress management. Lesley uses Sound and her Voice to help her clients reach a state of relaxed consciousness and enter a meditative state. It is in this state that life and its issues can be seen in perspective and that then one can move towards a place of balance, which is where the feeling of well-being comes in.

People of any age can benefit from the relaxation and the space that Lesley creates with her work. The benefits of healthy eating, relaxation and walking in nature are already known – Sound Work is a way of helping to get to that source of inner peace that we’re all after. As well as individual sessions, Lesley also offers group awareness building sessions including meditation and sound healing workshops and talks with the aim of promoting a sense of well-being and happiness.

What is Sound Work?

You initially become relaxed by closing your eyes, slowing your mind and your breath assisted by a guided meditation. By doing this, you prepare yourself to become the receiver of sound. This is your place of stillness where the magic happens, this is where you become more open and aware of each sound vibration that is created. These sound created vibrations help clear pathways, clear energy blockages and take you to a place of blissful stillness and peace.

The human voice is also an incredibly powerful natural healing instrument and so is used here in voice and song. These songs and sounds, combined with Reiki and Spiritual Healing have the ability to bring solace and comfort, easing and soothing away stress and anxiety and allowing a flow of love and a sense of healing to permeate every single cell of the body. In this way, the body can reach a state of perfect balance and energetic blockages can be cleared. Using this mixture of voice, song and instruments facilitates a deepened meditative state – drums, tuning forks, flutes, chimes and singing bowls are used – whatever feels appropriate. Being so relaxed creates a space for insight, spiritual wisdom and what Lesley calls 'pertinent perspective' to occur.

Sessions Available Now

One-on-One Sound Work Healing Session

After an initial consultation with the client, Lesley uses an appropriate guided meditation designed to beautifully relax the client and then uses her unique blend of Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Vibrational Sound and Voice to re-balance inner energies and facilitate a feeling of well-being and happiness. Being in a deep meditative state can allow insight, relaxation and healing to occur. Finally she gently brings the client round to a grounded, refreshed, relaxed and stress-free state of blissful being.

One-to-One Voice Work Sessions


Drawing upon my years as a professional singer, vocal coach and Reiki Master combined with my spiritual understandings I can help empower you through my own experience and tried and tested methods.

I am now taking bookings. Sessions are 1 hour and they can be taken weekly or fortnightly, depending on what's required and I can come to you but would charge expenses. Please message me for details.

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The sands of time doth blow and each grain of sand moves along in the wind. But all is well. A symphony awaits for with each grain of sand, a chime is emerging; a sound, like a bell, rings out. “Here I am” says the bell. “I am this grain of sand. I am.”

Lao Tzu chanelled by Lesley Curtis 2015

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