Great Expectations. Reviewed by Tatiana T. 04/19/17


pip can't get the beautiful Estella off his mind. but Estella won't give pip a second thought. Or pip, it was love at first sight yet Estella shows no interest in him at all. is it because he's poor that's what pip thinks. Suddenly, pip's luck changes. a mysterious stranger offers him the chance of a lifetime. pip is going to the big city to become a gentleman!!!!!! Will pip now be able to win over Estella

miss Havisham and Estella are rich. pip and his family are not. pip is starting to think hard about his love for Estella ....magwitch has just surprised pip with a lot of information
the novel centers around a poor young man by the name of pip, who is given the chance to make himself a gentleman by a mysterious benefactor, The novel makes clear that money cannot buy love, nor does it guarantee happiness.
i like this book because The novel is a fantastic read and a wonderful morality tale. Full of romance, courageousness, and hope--Great Expectations is a brilliant evocation of a time and place.
yes i recommend this book to others because if about the love and have some reflections, also some paragraph say that the money don't buy the love and that is true the money isn't all in the world
i give 4 stars at my book because i like the major part, is so beautiful when someone fight for her true love and never give up


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