Stella, Coach, and Broken ankles Danielle Guerin

You are faced with a challenge that can either lead you to have a broken foot or be hated by your entire lacrosse team. I choose the painful option : Broken foot.

It was a cold fall day at Devens Mass field. I was running up field when a bulky girl came up behind me and tripped me. I fell to the ground and just layed there. Once the ref noticed I was down he called a timeout and he rushed over to me. Abbie rushed over as well, helped me up and walked me to the sidelines. As I got to the sidelines, I tripped and fell onto Stella. She pushed me off, gave me a dirty look and slowly walked away with a look of disapproval. About 3 minutes later, the first aid golf cart came with a small bag of ice. For the rest of that tournament.

I sat on the sidelines cheering on my team and getting dirty looks from Stella. When we got back home, I decided I was fine and I would just put a brace on my foot and suffer through the pain. As the next weekend rolled around, I was in so much pain but I still wanted to go to the next tournament. I was determined to play in it and I did. By fourth game my foot was killing me but I wanted to pull through strong for me team. After the second whistle, Abbie had been tripped and she landed on me and my foot. My foot felt like it was broken and I was muddy from falling. After I fell the ref stops the game and rushes over to my aid. As I look around I see everyone watching me waiting for me to get up and keep playing, so I pull myself up and start walking but my leg had a shooting pain up through it. Abbie rushed to my side once again and helped me hobble to the sidelines once again where I lay down and drink water while checking my leg and foot.

After about 5 minutes we have another 2 girls injured and coach forced me to get out on the field, stating that I was fine to play. As I wander to my place on the field the whistle blows, starting the game again. I finish the game strong and wait for the next 2 hours for the playoffs. I sit in my lawn chair waiting for my dad to come back to me with pizza from the truck. My coach walks up to me and says to get ready because we are going to practice in the corner to warm up. She walks away and I stay seated, waiting for my dad to come back. As my dad wanders back, Stella comes up and yells at me saying that I need to go practice. I stand up to the best of my ability and look her in the eyes and tell her off. As she walks away, my coach looks furies so I walk up to her and tell her I’m leaving to go to the ER. She then scolded me for not playing and leaving right before playoffs. I walk away to my dad and we leave. As we are in the ER we get told that my foot had a hairline fracture, a sprained ankle, and 2 torn ligaments. My dad then turns to me and says “Your never having that coach again.” This leads me to either forgive my coach for potentially ruining my lacrosse career, or not forgiving her for forcing me to play.

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