China Tweets

@yaunshikai The republican revolution of 1911 broke out on October 10 in hubei Provence. #fightfightfight
@yaunshikai On march 10 1912 yuan shikai became provisional president of the republic of china. #realpower #leadership
@yoanooffices Yoan shikai's died in 1916. #ripmydude
@maozedong By the 1920s sun yat-sen was attempting another revolution. #neverstop
@maozedong In 1927 Chiang Kai-shek turned on his communsit allies. He executed many of their leaders and drove the rest into the mountains of eastern China. #cleared #dontmesswithhim
@sunyagsen Japan was invading china for 14 years (1931-1945) #getoutofchina #yourcruel
@kmt In 1934 the kmt drove the communists even out of their mountain bases.#prolineman #getout
@maoofficialcampaign Chairman mao introduced a new political and economic order, based on those of the Soviet Union. #Blessed
@maooffialcampiagn On October 1, 1949 Mao proclaimed the founding of the peoples Republic of China.#Richlife
@thecomunistpowers By 1949 the communist occupied most of the country. #Controlla

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