13 Reasons Why Alanna reinstedler

I 100% recommend the Netflix Origional, 13 Reasons Why. The show would also definitely be in my top 20 favorite things from Netflix.

13 Reasons Why is about how a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, gets bullied and picked on by multiple others. The characters who have done her wrong get their story played on a tape. Everyone who is on the tape listens to the other's tape and their own.

The setting of the show is at their school. It is important to have the setting as the school because that is where the kids are and where the bullying began.

The plot of the show is very realistic and reliable. The actual main character, Clay, is just trying to figure out more about Hannah's death, and know how others and himself did her wrong and caused her to kill herself.

The characters are super believable and realistic. The school cari s in people, just like how normal schools do. The things that have happened at ththe school can happen anywhere else. People date and break up. People bully and get bullied. People get drunk, etc. All of these things happen.

The writing has obviously been well thought through. Whenever Clay was with Hannah, the screen was tinted a yellow tone to show that she was his light. Whenever Hannah was dead or away from Clay, the screen was tinted a blue tone. The series episodes are quite interesting and will leave you wondering.

The actors are super believable. There is crying involved, joy, fear, etc. Tones of their voices change. Facial expressions change to show their emotions as well.

What I think the theme is, is not to bully others, and to stick up for others before things get out of hand. Before Hannah killed herself, nobody cared about suicide or bullying prevention. After Hannah did what she did, they then put up posters and a memorial for her. People acted like they did nothing wrong and said that they were friendly with her.

I could definitely compare this show to life. In real life, people say and do things that hurt others. Some people just can't take the hatred and the pain anymore so they go to their "last resort" and take their life. There is always another way, and if you ever feel like this, you should speak for help.


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