Smart Phones By Ognjen Dautovic-matic (YTB)


The first "smartphone" was released in 1992, it was called Simon Personal Communicator made by IBM. people at the time didn't called it a smartphone till 3 years later, its goal was to function like a cell phone and a PDA with a price tag of $899 USD ($US1,435 in today’s dollars) not many people invested into the S.P.C because of its price. The S.P.C was well ahead of its time however it had a monochrome LCD screen and a stylus. This was the first smartphone in the timeline below you will see other companies attempt at a smartphone.

What impact did smartphones have

Smartphones play a vital role in our lives and people take them for granted. Smartphones have crated new ways of handheld communication before phones could only call and maybe if you were lucky enough to own a "fancy" phone you could even send a sms. Now Smartphones allow you to call, sms, send emails, (before emails were only sent on computers) send people messages on Facebook Instagram Snapchat and other forms of social media, the list goes on and on. people now can't live without checking Facebook every 30 seconds, this is actually a problem that smartphones introduced, people develop problems with talking to people face to face as well as not socialising with people in public this makes use more distant to the people that we live with and the people we love and care about. Thankfully not every person sits on a smartphone all day some people actually socialise face to face, true story.

Life before smartphones

Life before smartphones is a life some people can live in and others will think its a living nightmare. Life before Smartphones was more manual for example, you didn't have a device to set alarms send emails give you notifications on peoples birthdays and how they are. Before smart phones you had to talk face to face to find out stuff about a person instead of checking there profile on a social media site on the go. Life without a smartphone was more social and more unique people, besides the social aspect of Smartphones people had to use a range of devices to do basic life aspects for example just to wake up on time people used a clock (yea a clock shocker) to set a alarm to wake up for work or to wake up on time. people also couldn't stare at a "retina 1080p display" to watch a movie or organise a event people had to use a computer from a library or one they owned (if they could afford one) to send a email to friends which took a hour by the time you plugged in the internet line and to find the site you were looking for.


Smartphones have had a "interesting" input on society providing both many pros and cons, either way we love Smartphones and are using them daily. This concludes my presentation.

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