Reflections Psychology can be a complicated subject, I was not aware that I would find this subject so fascinating. While studying for this course, I realized that this could be a possible career choice for me.

One of the first assignments was goal setting, l was to set a goal using the smart measure assessment; specific, measurable, attainable and relevant. The goal that I gave myself was to successfully pass all my classes with all A’s and B’s. This was a lot harder than I thought. Finding the study time with all the responsibilities that I had was nearly impossible. I also found it hard to keep up with the due dates for the assignments, resulting in rushed work, in hopes that it was good enough. I reassessed my problems and made a chart with specific times and due dates to stay on track. I asked several family members to help watch my children while I found a quiet place to study.Goals

Another amazing assignment I was extremely proud to complete, was to volunteer for at least two hours within my community. I then was to write how I participated and what I leaned form the whole experience. I decided to help the boys and girl’s country club, they are in my opinion, a great organization. They help children and families in need with guidance, support, resources and so much more. They are small cottages that the children live in with their “teaching parents”. Teaching parents are trained to help the children and be there for them just as a real parent would. One challenge I had to overcome was my shyness. I tend to get nervous around strangers and I feel as though I am being judged. I get super anxious and over analyze a lot of situations. I decided to calm down and tell myself that this was a great way to get involved and help those who are in need. I initiated several conversations to the people who looked welcoming. We shared our opinions and concerns and thought of new ways to help needy families. I loved helping paint those cottages, and I wish I could have seen the smiles on the children’s faces. I am going to keep this up and involve my children as well. It is an eye opener to see how others live and overcome so much; it is both inspiring and motivating!

I was to find a research article that was at least four pages long, and it had to describe a research study that the authors conducted in psychology. This was the most challenging for me, I could not find a research paper that fit all the criteria Dr. Lewis was looking for. I eventually ran out of time and stressed over the deadline, however, I decided to email my instructor and ask for a little more time. I explained my reasons (one was due to a quiz being moved up by another professor from my math class), and to my surprise she gave me the extension. This allowed me to take a deep breath and start the process again. I managed to find an article and completed the assignment.

The behavior modification assignment consisted of our goals, an update on how the process was going, obstacles we experienced and what we planned to do to get back on the right path. The worst set back I had was when I studied so much I literally made myself ill. I remember getting up from my desk and thinking, "when is the last time I ate", I overthink things way too much and try my best to please everyone. I had to take a step back and prioritize most of my daily tasks and routines and try several different options. I was determined to meet my goals, but I was not doing it the healthy way, I read over some articles that help with stress, mental exhaustion. I also looked for tips on how to study, take notes and ways to retain information. This helped me so much, I started doing so much better and I started progressing. Anything is possible, if you work hard for it, don’t give up!


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