With the invention of CRISPER comes a new era of debates.It has been said that CRISPER is unethical, and that this new technology will cause more problems than we need. It has als been said that CRISPER can rid the world of disease. In this essay, I will show you where my opinion is in this debate of a lifetime.

As it is clear to see, my stance in this debate is opposition. I believe that designer babies will cause more segregation, weather you are ‘modified’ or not, and CRISPER will eventually remove uniqueness. As atatted on the BBC news website, even though we have the capability to take this path, “that does not mean that it’s inevitably the way we go as a society.” It is my belief that, because of designer babies, our jobs will already be chosen for us. If I was ‘modified’ to be an athlete, my talents and skills will not be used, if I am an accountant or a teacher.

I understand the need for medical attention, and that CRISPER could be an end to genetically transmitted diseases, yet I also say that it could be the end of our freedom to choose. If my parents decide that I am to be modified with wings, I will be endeavored to fly, even if I am acrophobic (fear of heights.) Like everything else in our world, CRISPER could be used for bad as it is used for good. CRISPER could be used to make the perfect army, a horde of strong, bloodthirsty people with unwavering loyalty to their leader, whomever that might be.

CRISPER has opened a new era of technology that was once thought to be science fiction. As I understand the positives of CRISPER, medical needs, remove of disabilities, I believe the negatives, loss of freedom, segregation, and enhanced armies, outweigh the positives. This shows that I am a strong opposer to designer babies.


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