Y9 Digital Media Learning journal Ian Ma

the ad featured a man walking down a street and dancing whilst wearing denim shorts and high heeled shoes. We received complaints that the ad was offensive. Many complainants thought this was due to the man’s clothing and dance moves and because they believed the content was overtly sexual. While acknowledging that some viewers might have found the ad distasteful, we did not judge the ad to be offensive and in breach of the Code.

Too scary. it might give someone nightmares.

there was drinking in a ad.

exposing some parts

  1. don't expose too much of the body.
  2. if the add is too sexual add a age warning
  3. if the add is too sexual it cannot be placed everywhere. It can only be placed in a 18+ place.
  4. ads that are sexual can only be 15 seconds,
  5. the longer the add the more mature it is.
  6. No photoshopping
  7. no offending riligion
  8. no drugs
  9. no racism
  10. no bad stuff

I think the group of people most vulnerable to ads are young males and females between ages 16-30. The regulators are trying to protect little kids.

I think adverts for little kids stuff and for some food products are mostly regulated.

Yes because ads shouldn't be too sexy because it is old and will not attract the product but will attract the person in the ad.

  • Summary on Super Bowl advertising
  • When I watched the Carl. Jr ad I felt like it's main attention is the men/teenagers. I saw that the vegetables/fruit they showed in the ad was like boobs and the butt. I think the ad is disgusting.
  • I think the like a girl ad is better then the carl jrs ad because it wasn't inappropriate and was quite well edited. I liked the way they showed the ad. First with some males talking and acting about how they think girls act. Then showing a real girl doing it.

What sort of range of colours is used? Light, dark, bright, subdued, autumnal, bold, pastel? What word describes it best? It uses black and white and they have added a shadow in the person making him look more majestic

VISUAL HIERARCHY - What is the most important visual element in the composition? What else is important? The body of the person the shape of him and the action he is taking it looks like a aryan propaganda.

SHOT - What type of camera shot is used? What angle (high level, low level, eye level?) What distance (ECU, CU, MS, LS, ELS?)

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