CROWD THE ZOO get tour groups to visit your zoo

About the game:

Compete with friends to see who can get more people to the zoo

Objective of the Game:

To be the first player to get 20 tour groups to their zoo.

Number of Players:

4 people

Game Components:

Zoo Game Board

People pieces

Role Cards

Chance Cards

Animal Cards

Money- $100 bills

Game Rules

Game Setup

  • Each player gets $1000 (10 $100 bills) to start out with
  • Place animals cards in each tier face down
  • Place chance cards face down
  • Roles cards are placed in a row face up
  • Remaining money goes into a stack

How to Play

  • Each player starts off with $1000 and chooses which zoo they would like (Red, green, blue, or yellow)
  • Set up animal cards, supplies cards, roles, and chance cards
  • Oldest player goes first, and from there it goes clockwise
  • Each round has a phase: role phase (1) , action phase (2) and chance phase (3)

1. Role phase

  • Each player chooses their role, the oldest gets first pick the first round, then it goes counter clockwise of who gets first pick. Choosing starts with who gets first pick, and then goes counter clockwise until all roles are chosen
  • There are four roles: Trader, Vet, PR Manager, and Zoo Manager

2. Action phase

  • Based on the role you have chosen, you may perform the action allowed by your role
  • Trader can add one 1 tier animal to their zoo
  • Vet can save one animal
  • PR Manager gives the player +1 people for the round
  • Zoo Manager gives the player +$300 for the round
  • Each player gets $200 every new buy round
  • Player can buy animals which allow them to be able to keep different animals in their zoo
  • There are three tiers of animals, 1st tier, 2nd tier, and 3rd tier
  • 1st tier animals add +1 tour group to your zoo, 2nd tier adds tour groups 2, and 3rd tier adds plus 3 tour groups
  • 1st tier animals are $500, 2nd tier are $600, and 3rd tier are $700
  • Animals are also divided into sets: jungle, aquatic, forest and Asia. If you get 4 animals in the same set, you can collect 4 tour groups.

3. Chance phase

One chance card is chosen by each player:

  • Each chance card represents a different event that could happen to your zoo
  • Chance cards can affect your animals, amount of tour groups in your zoo, and your money
  • Chance cards may be positive or negative

The first player to get to 20 tour groups of people (each tour = 100 people) wins the game!

Special Event #1:

If a players get 4 animals of the same set, the player may choose to get 4 tour groups

watch how to play


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