Amasing Cats nolan tull


  1. Intro
  2. Shod you git a cat
  3. Comfy and cozy
  4. Feeding
  5. Conclusion
These cats are muted calico.


Some people say they're cute, some say there rough, and some say there lazy. There are lots of cats. I will tech you tips and ides about your cat.

There are meany cats like this one.


When you are taking care of cats you need many materials. One of those materials is a cat bed. When you have a cat introduce it to one room. Also you feed the cat two times a day but most like lee their not going to eat it rite away. Cats are going to need a poop-or scoop r, litter box , and a cat kennel. Cats count on you to git these materials.

also cats have different fer kinds this one is very fluffy

shod you git a cat

If you are going to get a cat you are going to need to be prepared first I wood go to a friend or family member who has a cat for information. I would check with your family if you have a lot of scratch boll furniture if you do you cud git them declawed but check in with your paints with that to. preparing for your cot is key.

These must be brothers and sisters

Comfy and Cozey

Cats need to be comfortable when you bring them home.First introduce them to one room and around ever two weeks introduce the cat to a now room. If you have anther pet [not in clouding fish] as well slowly intro dos them until they are fends. Win you introduce them to one room it shod be small but not to small. If you want your cat to be comfy and cozy keep it slow.

These are different cats.


Cats eat a lot of different food kinds, kind of like us. But not the same kind of food. Some of the kind of food is tuna, chicken, and lots more kinds of food, mostly mixed. Cats depending on their weight, is how much you feed them. Usually a cup or half a cup of food.If you have another animal, you should keep the food separate so they don't eat each other's food. Cats depend on you to feed them properly and at the right time.

He looks a little frustrated


Cats are supper fun .Thy are great pets fore a family. Maybe you can git one some day.


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