Our Mission Ready Workforce

Mission Support is the foundation of Coast Guard mission success. The critical daily efforts of the Mission Support workforce keep the Coast Guard Ready, Relevant and Responsive, no matter what challenge the Service faces. Thank you for your ongoing devotion to our mission, the Nation, and your own journey that contribute to the world’s best Coast Guard.

This was a chance to actually make a difference - to help somebody who was in need.

“When I joined the Coast Guard I felt like my purpose was to help people. I think most of us join because we want to make a difference. I felt a calling to be in the healthcare field, but I also had a desire to be in aviation. Unfortunately, as an HS in the Coast Guard, you don’t get very many opportunities to fly.

Back in September, after Hurricane Dorian hit, I was given the chance to go with a medical unit to the Bahamas to help provide care. This opportunity was super unique because we were able to travel with the flight crew and Aviation Survival Technicians and respond to people who were stranded by the storm. One of the search and rescue cases I was a part of involved an elderly gentleman who was a possible stroke victim. This case allowed me to fly, work side-by-side with an AST, and finally accomplish my goal of being in the air and using the skills and training that the Coast Guard has taught me.

This was a chance to actually make a difference - to help somebody who was in need. My plan was to exit Coast Guard last December, but after my experience in the Bahamas, I decided to extend my time. Allowing me to continue to help others and make a difference. This is why I serve.” -HS3 Sierra Kemper, Base New Orleans

"I serve to improve the performance and readiness of our workforce that enables Coast Guard Mission Success" - Captain Timothy Hammond, CO TRACEN Yorktown

The Mission Support organization remains committed to supporting Coast Guard missions and operational partners on the front lines of response.

Our training centers create innovative ways to educate the workforce. Our crews maintain assets, execute aircraft maintenance, and move supplies. Our IT specialists push the limits of our technology and find ways to make our systems available and stable. Our healthcare professionals go above and beyond to provide care for those in need.

Like the few members featured here, the Mission Support workforce is comprised of thousands of individuals who strive for excellence daily. While our entire workforce goes to great lengths to ensure the collective readiness of the Coast Guard, be mindful that the individuals that make up our workforce must also find ways to remain ready and resilient. Workforce preservation is mission readiness.

Our people are our most valuable asset. Please see below for useful resources to ensure personal readiness and continue to take care of yourself and your shipmates. Thank you for your perseverance, resilience, and most of all, thank you for your service.