Service Only Team Weekly News

Week 1 Update

What's New?

  • Team Size: has been increased from 32 Engineers to 50 engineer, with all service work being completed by this our team. Additional 18 will be taken through sessions on Friday 17th & Monday 20th March
  • Fault Code: Use where possible Sky Specific Fault Codes, however there will be times when you cannot find a specific Q Code. In these situations, please use Classic Code.
  • A Grades: All 50 engineers should have received a delivery of the below. If for any reason you did not receive please escalate to Russell
  • 1 x HD Digi / 3 x PVR5/ 3 x PVR5 (Wi-Fi) / 1 x PV6 / 1 x PVR6 (Wi-Fi)
  • ECO/Active: Situations where customer use their mini boxes between midnight- 5am frequently, should be set to Active Mode. (please advise customer, this may cause issue with black screen & mini player still showing, known software issue) Suggest they put box into deep sleep (red light) every few days to dump logs. All STB's should bet set to same mode

Iknow2 Reporting: Lets ensure we are using Iknow2 for the Service Journey and for any problem solving. (As a team, we will be under the spotlight)

Working On.....

  • Boosters: It's been mentioned you may require additional boosters to support your workload. This is currently being looked into how we achieve this, but increasing ordering for this team, would increase for everyone. In the meantime your TM's can raise you a manual order.
  • Silk Payment: A few of you have mentioned the possibility of being disadvantage in terms of Silk Uplifts. This is currently sitting with the incentives team to make a decision on how we move forward.

Support / Advice:

There will be times when you may need some advice. We have massive amount of experience within the group, plus ambassadors and Q techs on hand should we require. Before escalating to Q Techs, exhaust all other forms first.

  • Chithranghan Arumugathasan ( Ambo) 07740181860
  • David Pendry (Ambo) 07824433263
  • Jason Collins (Q Tech) 07779544920
  • Phillip Kelly ( Q Tech) 07843363389
  • Ben Arthur (Q Tech) 07775027927
  • Russell Carless ( Service Only Lead) 07850776499

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