Franz Josef Emperor of Austria/King of Hungary

Flag of Austria

Franz Joseph was crowned Emperor of Austria in 1948 at the age of 18.

Hungary flag

Franz was crowned King of Hungary in 1867. He had a dual monarchy with Austria and Hungary until is death in 1916, but before he could establish it Hungary wanted an autonomy but the 2 nations later agreed to the dual monarchy. The Austria-Hungary empire was established in 1867.

Franz Joseph

Franz hit a rough patch at the beginning of his reign as Emperor of Austria, he lost to France in 1848, then lost to Prussia in 1866. Then in 1867 his brother Maximilian was executed in Mexico. Franz died in 1916 at 86 during WWI.

Wife Elisabeth

Franz married Elisabeth in April of 1854, they had a son in August of 1858. Franz son committed suicide in January in 1889 and his wife was assassinated in 1897.

By 1914 Franz barely left his house in fear of assassination. His nephew and heir to his throne was Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was killed in 1914 which was thought to have helped sparked WWI


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