The air plane The fastest way to travle

The air plane was invented by

The wright brothers

Ther are. Many kinds of air planes

The air plane is an intelligent flying gadget that travles with people driving it.📞

The air plane is a way to get to another place faster

They are yosed. As a way to race⏰

Ther are many ways to play and travle with air plans

Thes air planes are mostly yosd. As a way to travle . But allot of them are yosd as an Air Force travling ✈️

They are Fasonating

Did you learn anything.👸🏻
Thank you for looking at my report ! Hope you can learn more!❤️

🇺🇸 can stay happy and so can you with air plans

If you can fly an air plan so can you ,evry time you belive youcan😉



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