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This is a small photo story about Lilla Essingen, one of Stockholms smallest islands. It lies at the edge of what is generally considered central Stockholm, wedged in between the island of Kungsholmen and the outer suburbs.

Almost all photos is taken on the island, and most of them show the views around it rather than the island itself.

Lilla Essingen is situated west of central Stockholm and is marked on this map from 1868

The name Lilla Essingen is recorded in writing for the first time around 1580. In the eighteenth century there was an inn beside the sailing channel.

In the nineteenth century there were few permanent residents on the island, but many people spent the summer there, in villas with names like Sans Souci, Lisenborg, Skogshyddan (Woodland cabin) and Montebello.

In the 1930s the summer villas were demolished to make room for compact blocks of flats in functionalist style, mostly with one- and two-bedroom flats. In the 1940s Lilla Essingen was described as the most heavily developed and densely populated urban district in Europe. 1945, the district has 6500 inhabitants and around the year 2000, the population has dropped to about 2,600. 2017 the population has increased to 5000 inhabitants.


The highway that cuts through Stockholm

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Lilla Essingen southwest

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Moonlight over Gröndal

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Luxparken is Lilla Essingens lung. The park is located next to Lake Mälaren on the island's eastern tip.

Luxparken was originally laid out the years 1934-1938 and 1949-1950. The name comes from the neighborhood Lux and Lux AB (now Electrolux) industrial installations that were in the vicinity. The park consisted mainly of a hill, lawns and a short boardwalk.


The church is located at Södermalm. The trees in front is on the island of Långholmen.

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Bathing jetty


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Last rays of sun


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