P211 . T45 Blog #2

Our adventure began with landing our feetsies on this round metal plate in the middle of this wind-trap of a silo. It was hype.

Lee Hall Silo

To begin the search on what the actual hell P211 . T45 meant I went to google and instantly realized what it was. THE SECRET BOOK. Which, honestly is not even that secret considering 1. It took one google search to decipher what it was and 2. All we had to do to get it was ask the librarian "can we check out the secret book". #thxKim

Don't worry after nearly being swept away by 40 mph winds Cayla and I got the beloved "Secret Book"


So what makes this book so secret and special? What does it all mean?

As we opened the book with hopes of finding rhetorical appeals, we began to see pages filled with John Hancocks, self-proclaimed doodles and written memories. Although most pages were filled with meaningless jargon, many shared the common theme of embracing the college years here at Clem.

Logan took the secretive nature of the book and ran with it to the secretive nature of the forbidden tunnels, some girl named Charlotte (who is she) and then the fountains?? Her style and invention of using the secrets of Clemson persuades readers to believe there are secrets worth exploring here in order to build the college experience.

I honestly laughed way too hard at this and automatically judged myself... I mean hey it's funny and his style of rhyming meme and dream are great uses of rhetoric.

The secret book utilized many of the rhetorical strategies, such as: pathos, style, arrangement and delivery. Although each page consisted of a different entry, the book itself utilized rhetoric by just existing. Even though the book is not much of a secret anymore, the very title of "Secret Book" persuades college students to get out and go on the search. The delivery of the book being a secret allows for the persuasion and adventure that so many of us at Clemson long for.

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