Skills of Management Communication skills

Communication: The exchange of information between people; the sending and receiving of messages.
Importance of Communication - Communication can be either verbal or non-verbal. Communication is important for reducing work place discrimination, maximising job satisfaction, creating a collaborative environment and preventing stress and tension between employees. Communication is key to a successful working environment because it helps people learn, creates opportunities for development, boosts morale and loyalty, and provides insight into how the business is being run.
Managers should strive to improve their ability to communicate because it will encourage and motivate employees to perform to their full potential, in turn positively impacting the growth and development of the company. Through improving their communication skills, they will provide their workers with an environment in which they feel safe and satisfied, which will increase their desire to work and in turn increase productivity in the workplace. Communication will help with diversity, team building and employee morale. It also allows tasks to be done effectively and efficiently.


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