TRL Employee eNewsletter July / August 2021

TRL's 2020-2024 Strategic Direction

Have you checked out the new look of TRL’s Mission, Vision, Values and 2020-2024 Strategic Direction on the website?

As you know, the Board of Trustees recently extended the Strategic Direction due to the pandemic. This was a great time to update the look so that the information shared is clear and accessible – and which now includes objectives (think action items)! Of course, there are many additional objectives going on and the major ones will be added over time.

As we know, our residents and patrons provided the input to this Direction. And now, we, as staff have been, and are, responding. You are a major part of how this Direction is unfolding: by sharing your ideas and expertise, and by getting involved in one of the many work groups.

You all deserve so much credit and major thanks for the multiple projects and initiatives that are currently underway or are completed.

Each one of us has the opportunity, responsibility and creativity to fulfill our Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Direction!

- Cheryl

Picture Book City

Picture Book City is the reorganization of TRL's entire EFIC collection into popular genres to make books more discoverable for kids and their adults. After a successful one year pilot at Centralia Timberland Library, the project was expanded district wide to all Timberland libraries.

Project lead Muriel W wrote "Over 13,000 unique titles will be moved into one of 13 genres. The genres were chosen to highlight common patron requests, as well as early learning priorities." Muriel worked with Creative Services to create fun and inclusive designs for the 13 genres: Animals, Bedtime, Community, Dinosaurs, Emotions, Explore, Families, Go, Growing Up, Imagine, Learning, Seasonal, and Stories.

Major kudos and thanks go to Muriel for your leadership, vision, development and implementation of the Picture Book City project! - Cheryl H

Thank you to the members of the Picture Book City Working Group: Sarah A, Alexis H, Alicia C, Torey Y, Ernestine P, Sarah L, Caitlin S, Erin M, Raina S, Jared C, Carol B, Susan F, Samantha P, and Chris S.

Thank you to the Bilingual Team: Susan F, Peter B, Kären M, Meghan M, Jenna A, Betsy S, Isabela T, Holly P, Sean L, Torey Y, Lupita L, Lizz B, and Katie L.

Thank you to the cataloging and processing staff members: Kitty K, Daniel B, John K, Kristie G, Alison T, Scott W and Rachel S, and Jackie D.

Major kudos and thanks to cataloging and processing staff who have been editing mountains of records... all while working on the major influx of new materials. - Cheryl H

Thank you to Timothy M for trimming and distributing the signs to all the libraries.

Click the images below to view all 13 Picture Book City signs.

Anniversary Milestones

Congratulations to our staff members who celebrated their milestone anniversaries this July and August!


Chris J - 25 Years

Working in Timberland libraries has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. Every day I learn something new. It is a special privilege to share that learning with others and to help make a difference in their lives. - Chris J
Chris catching and releasing a 4-pound laregemouth bass on Lake Shamineau in Morrison County, Minnesota

Susan HL - 10 Years

Susan at Amanda Park Timberland Library

Barry H - 5 Years

The last five years have been very memorable. The biggest take away for me is the outstanding crew that I have had the pleasure to work with in the courier / facilities department. Next would be the people that I have met and gotten to know in my travels to the various branches as a courier. As we all have had our struggles in this season of COVID 19, I am confident that better days will be ahead. - Barry H


Madeline M - 30 Years

It's been wonderful working alongside people who love books and an honor being part of an organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of our community members. - Madeline M

Jenny P - 10 Years

Jenny stops for a picture during a scenic hike at Mount Howard, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon
Jenny with her kids

Elizabeth K - 5 Years

Amy H - 5 Years

This last year and half may have been the most difficult we've all had to weather at TRL, but one amazing thing to come out of it is how we've all embraced innovation and collaboration. I so appreciate the support, generosity, and brilliance of our talented staff of library workers! Every day I'm impressed by your ideas and skills and look forward to working together for another five years. - Amy H

Meet our newest co-workers

Beth B - Human Resources Specialist

Hobbies: Painting, rock collecting, and music.

Education/Training: I graduated from WF West high school in 2013. I also have four years of leadership and development experience, as well as 10+ years in customer service.

Favorite Music: Alternative and indie rock.

Favorite Book: Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the world one heart at a time.

Favorite Travel Spot: Glacier, Washington. I love being in the woods!

Favorite Restaurant: I can always go for Chipotle!

Favorite Quote: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Fun Fact: I am left handed!

What do you like best about your job/TRL? I love the environment. Everyone is always helpful, courteous, and passionate.

What inspired you to work in libraries? The library was/is my first place to go to expand my knowledge, creativity, and growth.

Savannah C - Human Resources Specialist

Hobbies: Reading, video games, watching shows, and playing music.

Education/Training: BA in Anthrozoology (Human-Animal Bond Program), but my work background is in HR and management.

Favorite Music: Alt Rock, EDM, Indie, Hip Hop, etc.

Favorite Book: Fire Bringer & The Sight by David Clement-Davies

Favorite Travel Spot: Somewhere in the woods or where there is live music!

Favorite Quote: “The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.”

Fun Fact: I love monster movies! I am the most interested when the creature design is new and unique.

What do you like best about your job/TRL? All my tasks keep me engaged and on my toes!

What inspired you to work in libraries? I spent my summers as a kid immersed in stacks of books at the library. I’m passionate about libraries and how they shape a community.

Kate W - Library Assistant

Hobbies: Taking walks.

Education/Training: I have a B.A. and M.A. in English and a TESOL certificate.

Favorite Restaurant: Curry King in Lacey.

Favorite Quote: "Revolutions begin on the margins" - Mona Eltahawy

Fun Fact: I used to teach Zumba classes, and it's where I met my husband.

What do you like best about your job/TRL? Being around books all day and bringing home books for my son each day.

What inspired you to work in libraries? Initially, I was drawn to libraries as an educator in higher ed looking for a way to move into a new line of work. But over the last year, I was moved by TRL's commitment to safety while still offering as many services as possible to our local community. I was especially grateful for the grab-bag service and the wonderful titles the librarians chose for my five-year-old. I felt inspired by the work I saw TRL doing and wanted to be a part of it.


Juliet LH

Juliet became our new District Manager for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) on July 16, 2021
Many of you know and have worked with Juliet, but for those of you who have not, you are in for a real treat... Juliet has 20 years of experience in libraries in the Cayman Islands and right here in Thurston County, almost half of which she spent in a managerial role. She is the epitome of a leader in EDI - keeping these goals at the forefront of her mind in everything she does and stepping forward to advocate for and initiate improvements. - Kendra J

Chris C

Chris began his new role as Public Services Coordinator on August 16, 2021
Chris has been with TRL since 2013 and is known for his casual demeanor, questionable cooking choices, and excellent leadership skills among other things. He is a natural collaborator which makes him especially well-suited to this position... Send Chris a ton of congratulations! - Kendra J

Mary R

Mary's newly defined role as TRL's Early Learning Coordinator begins September 1, 2021
The Early Learning Coordinator coordinates district-wide projects and initiatives to serve children birth to 8 and their caregivers, including staff and community training activities, community events, virtual storytimes and other district programs, and centralized support for staff. As we all know Mary is amazing at all she does and I look forward to seeing the great impact she will have in her new role. - Jessica F


Huge shout out to Rachel S for organizing the Service Center fundraiser in August. Together we donated $187 to the Little Red Schoolhouse, a nonprofit organization committed to providing school supplies, coats/sweatshirts, and new socks and underwear to families in need. According to their website, "in 2019 supplies and clothing were given to almost 2,700 students!"

Thanks so much for once again organizing this! - Mary R

Patron Testimonials

A few of our patrons have recently reached out to show their appreciation for their library.

Just want each of you to know how much you are appreciated... I took for granted that the library would always be open with you all greeting and helping us. Then Covid hit and no more going to the library and kidding with the staff. No more checking out books and DVDs or looking up subjects on the computer, which we don't have at home. What a void without you and all that you do each and every day. I really did a "Happy Dance" when you opened up again. Know that we won't take you or your services for granted again. Thank you soooooo very much for being in the library for us. Stay safe - Sherry R
The joy of having 40 kids fully engaged throughout two books and The Jumping Song was just what I needed as COVID persists in disconnecting us. I'm hoping to see some of those masked faces here at the Shelton Library as summer winds down! Yay TRL! - Amy P
Thank You to the Shelton Library for coming to read stories aloud to my Summer Jump Start students and tell us all about the Summer Reading Program and Passport to Mason County! - Ms. Oliver's 2nd Grade Class
Ms. Oliver's 2nd Grade Class

Updated Welcome Flyers

Welcome Flyers have been updated in English and Spanish with minor changes. TRL staff members can find Print Ready Graphics in the Publicity & Graphics Team. Thank you to Stephanie C and the Bilingual Team.

TRL Building Refreshes

Coming soon: Before & After Spark webpages and videos showcasing the refreshes at Tenino and Naselle Timberland Libraries.

New office installed at Tenino Timberland Library
Naselle Timberland Library after pressure washing

Social Media

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