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Student guideline


An inquiry into the ways in which we express and discover our feelings, ideas, nature, culture, beliefs and values ; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic

Week 1

Kala Ghoda Reflection
Tuning in reflection

The link

week 2

These are my three interests and why I chose them- Dance because I have been learning dance for a long time and I could express my self through dance well Photography- Because I was very fascinated by clicking pictures of different objects and using the filters .Sketching- I have always liked sketching different objects and I think I sketch well to.

We Had a town hall meeting Were we saw to videos "colour of reality" and "Danny MacAskill All around the world". We saw these videos to understand different way to express our selves. My learning is That try everything so you can express your selves and never give up on anything because as you grow you

Colours of reality

Danny Macaskill around the world

The links to the 2 videos

Meeting Our groups

We Found out our groups and did activities related teamwork like making a bridge i learned that teamwork finishes work faster
We had a meeting with our exhibition groups and Created our LOI, Concepts and Central idea I learned that everything is interconnected.
We created a central idea i learnt that if we make sentences and merge them we can make
Today we sent a email to our mentors and created a working title.
We Met our mentors and discussed about why we like dance and asked us one question before the left and that was "What does dance mean to you?"

Central idea

Dance helps us to express our creativity and appreciate the cultures of the world

Lines of inquiry

Forms of dances

How we express ourselves through dance

Dance is a reflection of history and culture.

Essential agreements

  • Be respectful
  • Be committed and attentive
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Ask questions related to the topic
  • Use time management skills well




Function Theme

transdisciplinary Theme

.An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs, values; The ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; Our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Reflection exhibition grouop

A1. I think my group will work very well together

second reflection on exhibition group

A1. Finish our first dance research, Finish our second dance research, finish our third dance research, research on our fourth dance

A2. Finish at least one dance form research and till spring break ends

Reflection on week one

I used to think that our group would have problems with choosing few things because that happens a lot in other groups.

Now i think this is a perfect group we hardly have any conflicts and we cooperate really well with each other.

Week 2 reflection

I used to think that are group will be a bit confused while making question and not talking to each other

Now i think that my team is very open-minded and come up with really good questions and ideas.

Week 3 reflection

I used to think that our group would not help the others when confused because the will be engrossed in their on work

now i think that my group is really helpful and kind

We Did reflections on how we feel about our group and the reflection of the 3 weeks that have passed.

My reflection

We finished work that was incomplete and had a town hall meeting on never giving up, about how our exhibition is planned and about the t-shirt designing

We started on our first LOI that is Forms of dance it is one of my favourite topics, we first started by choosing 4 dance forms of our choice. Then we chose which one we will research first on, second on, third on and fourth on I liked this idea because it help me chose which one will be the best to start with, now we have started our research. We have to research on the history of the dance form and what is that dance form with a proper definition and you can add extra information to.

We went to the library to find books related to our interests. Then we created 10 questions and ask people to answer them, we split into groups so we can get do quicker.

Acquisition of knowledge

I started to use specific vocabulary in my exhibition by surfing through the dictionary and find different words that would help me phrase my sentences well.


I summarised my information about hip hop well because I feel like I have done in depth research on hip hop and I wrote in my own words to.


I explored different options when I was researching I used different sources to find different information on hip hop. I used-

  • Videos
  • Sites
  • books

But I will still try to find a primary resource so I can get more information.


I identified relevant and irrelevant information about hip hop by asking my teammates if had relevant information on my google doc and they would help and tell me if i needed to add anything on my doc or remove anything.

Today we went to the 2nd graders and the 3rd graders for a survey we took photos, videos and audio recording of the answers my big takeaway was that dance helps us express ourself and relax


I listened to and followed difficult instructions when I was in my group or when ms Hemal or any other teacher was giving instructions and if I didn’t understand what I had to do I would always ask my teammates.


I gave opinions and supported it with evidence in our group I gave opinions for the plan and what we should do next.


I could answer questions based on what I read by reading slowly and understanding every page so it made it easier for me to answer the questions that we were researching on.


I used note-taking to brainstorm and collect questions on dance for our survey. Analysing our data after our survey and also segregating our information after researching on different dance forms.

Learner Profile reflection

I was a good thinker because I was thinking of good plans of how we would present our information when we were discussing about how are we going to plan our presentation.

I was a very knowledgeable when we where researching on our dance form for LOI one because I would rephrase it in a sensible manner and also that it could be understandable too.

Research done

  • What is my dance forms.
  • What is the history of my dance forms.
  • What is the specific clothes the dancers have to wear for the dance.

Started to research

We haven't started to research anything at the moment.

Research I intend to do

  • Find out what different gestures that can show how we feel in different dance forms.
  • What face show how we feel in different dance forms.
  • What step shows or expresses our feeling in different dance forms.
  • What is the history and culture of different dance forms.

Research skills

Formulating question

I made up questions that i could research and find a lots of information about my dance form and i found a lot of information on Hip hop, Jazz, Polka and it helped me to go in-depth with my research.


I watched to learn more when I was researching on different forms of dance.


I began my research when I was given my time line and when we discussed what we were going to be doing.

collecting data

I used internet to collect data collecting data

Researching data

I took notes full main point without copying sentences by copy-pasting the information then inferring to my information and come up with a sentence.


i made observation and conclusion when i was watching, Listing or researching

Our Rubric

Sorting out reflection

The link to my reflection

Going further

The link

Black Hat Reflection

Inquiry research Rubric

Yellow Hat Reflection

Making Conclusion

The link to the reflection

Reflection for Taking Action


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