Profile 2016 BY: Jason Salinas

i chose this picture because i really liked when we were doing the surrealism unit. It also reminded me about about inception. Plus i got the homies Spencer, Matt, and Me.
I really liked this one and it was when we were using the paint brush tool. It came out really good and i am very proud of it. Plus I like dogs a lot and it is a pic of a dog.
This was one of the early ones we did, and it was focused on gradient. I really enjoyed it and through out photoshop we used it. Plus my boi J cole on there and we go waaaayyyy baack.
This was one of the first ones i did. I was at the airport with my best friend kanye. And i just photoshopped a crab on him for the gram.
This was my first surrealism art peace. But i didn't like it then but i like it now. Its cool because its about the cult of matt.
ACTUALLY my favorite one we did all year. Superheros are awesome. SO i really enjoyed doing this one and coloring it was fun.
Maaan this was way back with me and matt. We took a photoshoot and then i put the space in the back. Because we outta this world.
I liked doing this one a lot. However mine didnt come out that good,but it was fun to do. First time creating rain and fog.
This one was cool when i made it. Kinda lame now. But i wanted to post this because it shows what i thought was cool in the past.
Personal favorite, i call it trash on trash. Im with a trash can and a trash boi. It was a simple edit and had a funny outcome.

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