Mrs.Barker Northwood ELEMENTARY, 5th Grade math math

The Nature of being a Teacher
  • The major tasks that Mrs. Barker needs to do is mostly directed toward the students. This is meaning her mapping out the standards/curriculum to the students. She wants to make sure the standards are taught and met. Mrs. Barker also works with individual students to meet their needs since every student is different.
  • When Mrs. Barker needs someone to give a helping hand to her with students, she goes to other fifth graders and other math teachers around the building. Most likely though, she would go to the title 1 teacher, Mr. Barr, would helps her students.
  • When following state/national education-related policies, Mrs. Barker adheres it by following the basic core curriculum that the state provides for the teacher.
Education & Skills
  • Mrs. Barker first attended Ohio State and then went to Wright State University.
  • Mrs. Barker holds a bachelor degree in education, masters in gifted education and, a specialists degree.
  • Personal qualities/skills that Mrs. Barker said a person needs to become a teacher are communication so that you are able to get along with the students, have lots of knowledge in the content you're teaching, and being able to be flexible with different personalities that students show.
  • The most interpersonal skill that Mrs. Barker values would be communication because, a teacher needs to be able to teach the content in a effective and timely manner. Great communication also helps the teacher get in good terms with students.
  • Mrs. Barker wished she would have known how much personal time a teacher needs to be put out for the class.
  • Mrs. Barker said that she got her math 1-8th grade degree but she knows how different it is now to become a teacher and doesn't know all the steps.
Conditions & Benefits of being a Teacher
  • The greatest satisfaction for Mrs. Barker to get is the success of the students overall. She also loves to know the students more personally as well.
  • If Mrs. Barker could change anything about her job, it would be the state testing and the interactions with students. She believe that there should be less government control over education. With students interactions, she believes that parents need to become more involved with school and their kids.

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