Boscastle Flood By STEVE

  • The Boscastle flood was in august the 16th 2004 in a small town called Cornwall in England.
  • It only took an hour for 89 mm of rain to fall.It flooded and washed cars. and buildings into the sea and putting people's lives in danger.
  • £4.5 million has been spent on a flood defence scheme.
  • They bought new drains to allow water to run into the lower section of the river quickly.
  • Luckily nobody died but one person got injured
  • The Boscastle flood was a flash flood which is a sudden local flood, typically due to heavy rain.
  • It was one to two months worth of rain in two to three hours.
  • The Boscastle was one of the most memorable floods.

This is a video to tell you more about the Boscastle flood.


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