Portfolio 2018-2019 By:Ari

The Dinner Set

Dinner set

These mugs were thrown on the wheel, while still wet I curved the lip to have it appeared to be altered. and once leatherhard I took the end of a needle tool to stipple on the circular texture. The thumb nook was made with a small coil and I slipped and scored it on where I wanted it.

The glaze was a combination of low fire and high fire glaze. First I put low fire “real orange”, “yellow”, “chocolate brown”, and “chocolate”. I stippled the low fire glaze all over the piece and then once dry I took a wet sponge and took off some of the glaze. After that I fired it. Once out of the kiln I put high fire “Bahama blue”, and then I wiped off some it from the outside but not in the inside. After I put it in the kiln one last time.

I liked how the low and high fire glazed turned out together.

January 2019

The orb

Free choice

These piece was thrown on the wheel by making a cylinder and bellying out to make it rounder. Once leatherhard I took a carving tool to make the squiggle. Once bone dry it was fired.

The glaze that I used was a high fire, “Bahama blue”. And I fired it one last time.

The glaze did a nice job accenting the swirl.


Earths creation

Teach a new technique

This piece was thrown on the wheel into a cylinder. When it was wet I altered the piece to make it look organic. Then I took small coils and made indents. Also took a needle tool to make it textured. Once bone dry it was fired.

The glaze that was used was a high fire “Bahama blue” and it was fired once more.

The glaze made the texture pop out more.


Old Penny

Tiny dinner set

The two bowls and the plates were both thrown on the wheel. The bowls were thrown by making a cylinder and pulling it out until it was a bowl. The plates were made by centering the clay and slowly make a lip around it.

The glaze that were used were both high fire. The glazes were “rutile green” and “waterfall brown”. Once glazed they were put into the kiln to be fired.

The mixture of glazes turned out good. It turned out more rustic and old looking.


Fluid Flower

Practicing body forms

This was hand built. I put chuncks of clay on one another and started to form a female body. Once it was formed, I carved out the excess clay inside, so it doesn’t blow up in the kiln.

Once fired I used low fire glazes called, “yellow” ,”chocolate brown”, “chocolate”, “dark green”, and “bright orange”. I used a tiny detail brush to draw out the stems and the flowers. Fired it a second time and then it is done.

The flo2ers were hard to paint on but I think it looks nice.

November 2018


Free choice piece

This piece was made with a slab. I formed the slab into a head shape and then I started to add on the facial details. Then I added texture with a needle tool. And lastly I used foundant molds to create the shapes of the flowers, leaves, and the bumps

In the future when I glaze this piece. I want to make the eyes look like eyes and I want to use all low fire glaze for the main colors. And then I want to use high fire glaze to add some shiny spots to it.

I could’ve smoothed it out more but other than that I like the texture.

May 2019

High fire glazes: Bahama blue, waterfall brown, Randy’s brown, and rutle green.

Natures Work

Free choice

This piece was made by throwing clay on the wheel and making a cylinder. Once leatherhard I trimmed the bottom of it. And then I added pieces that I made with a fondant mold. I used a needle tool to add the texture to the bottom and I used a smoothing tool to make the lines on the mug. In the future I want to glaze it with a high fire glaze.
The glaze that was used was high fire Bahama blue, matte green, and Randy’s brown.
Made a plate for it to sit on. Uses all of the same glazes.
Inside the mug

May 2019

Rainbow Drops

Series of three- functional

These pieces were created on the wheel. I threw a cylinder and I bellied out the inside. Then I added a decorative lip.

The glaze that was used was low fire which were, “yellow”, “bright orange”, “radiant red”, “amethyst”, “dark green”, “leaf green”, “medium blue”, “white”, and “pink”. Once fired I added a clear glaze to add shine to it.

Could’ve gotten better pictures, I’ve sold the pieces already.

October 2018

Remember The Innocent

Piece that means something

These were made by being hand built. First I grabbed clay and I started to form a turtle shell, once done I slipped and scored a head. After that I added facial features to it. Once leatherhard I added the indents of the shell. I made the smaller turtle altered because it has a plastic can package around it. And the sea turtle has a straw in its nose.

The glaze that was used was both low and high fire glaze. I glazed The Whole turtles white and then used Bahama blue to make it simple. I wanted it to be simple since these issues are usually overlooked upon.

I like the simplicity of the turtles.

March 2019

Needs straw in nose.

The Dinner Set

Dinner set

The dinner set that I created consisted of 2 plates 2 bowls and 2 mugs, with a small vase. I’ve already talked about the vase and mugs.

The two plates were made on the wheel. Then once leatherhard I used a fettling knifes end to create the texture. The one with the smaller texture was made with the end of a needle tool. The bowls were thrown on the wheel and once leatherhard I used the end of a needle tool to create the texture.

The glaze that was used was low fire and high fire. I used low fire orange, brown, and yellow. Once dry I wiped some of it off. And then I took a Hugh fire Bahama blue and did the same thing.

I like how the texture mixed well with the glazes.

January 2019

The Lady

Remaking of a piece (the flower body)

This piece was built with slabs of clay. I started from the bottom up, first the butt to the neck. To make the chest I pushed out clay to make it appear more like breasts. Once it was all created I smoothed out the entire thing with a spoon and water. The piece hasn’t been fired yet because it needs to be slowly dried for it to have less chances of it cracking. .

I don’t really know what I want to do with the glaze but I do know I want it to be simple.

I love everything about this peice, I pushed myself to create something massive.

May 2019

Differently Different

Series of three- sculptural

The three bodies were created with chuncks of clay that I molded into a female form. Once it was leatherhard I carved out any excess clay that might blow up in the kiln.

Once fired I glazed them with a low fire white all over. And then I used red, yellow, and blue to create designs on the bodies.

Need better picture.

October 2018

Full picture

Summer Camp Fun

Other pieces

Pieces that weren’t assigned as projects.

July 2018

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