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What's Happening this April

Finals are coming up soon and the Summer is rapidly approaching so let's make sure to go out with a bang!

Some helpful tips for Final Exams:

  • Start Early and Build a Game Plan - This is common sense but it is easier said than done. Try to start around 3 weeks before finals and start organizing your notes, figuring out the formats and dates of your exam, and figure out where you stand in your classes. Basically, know what you're getting into before you get started
  • Prioritize and Organize - There's a lot of material that you are going to have to memorize. Make sure to take time to figure out the best way to study. Rank your classes/ subjects that are most important for you to study and organize attainable study plans from there. Know what you are going to study and how you are going to study it so you don't waste time.
  • Study Smart - 2 weeks before exams you should be in study mode. Get in to gear and really start getting together note cards, study guides, etc. The week before exams you should have all your materials sorted through and should really go ham! This is the most intense period of studying and you should start to feel confident about all the material.
  • Take care of yourself - Get plenty of sleep and get well balanced meals. And because you went ham weeks before preparing for your exams, when finals week starts you shouldn't need to cram. Take the time to get a good night's rest and relax a bit before your exams so you're in a good mindset.
  • Use your resources - PAL sessions, review sessions, office hours, tutoring in the ASC, your brothers. These are all resources here for you to succeed with people who want you to succeed! Use them (even if you think you don't need to)!
  • Aim high, but don't stress out - Obviously set high goals for yourself, aim for that 4.0 or whatever it is that you're working for. Have a clear goal and work towards it. However it's important that you remember that we are human and that we make mistakes. Your exam grades alone don't define you. If things happen just keep your head up and don't let them stop you.
It's LIT(erature)

Leadership Positions

Welcome Leader

  • Super easy leadership position
  • Lasts 2 days
  • Great way to represent our Fraternity!
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