Zions Goals Project English 2 | Period 3

Semester Goal

By the end of the semester, I will be a platoon commander. I will achieve this by staying focused and working hard. I will shadow this year´s platoon commanders and ask them questions. I will study and learn all I can about this position. I think I can be an effective leader, and I want a chance to prove myself. I can measure my ability as a platoon commander on the amount of growth my platoon has. This is my goal for the end of the year because I think I can learn a lot in this position, not only about how to lead but about myself.

¨ The only place reward comes before work is in the dictionary.¨ ~ Cdr. Mcall

English Goal

I will get a 95% or better for my final grade. I will achieve this by turning off all distractions until I am able to finish my homework. I will make an effort to pay attention in class more than I did in first semester. I will turn in all of my assignments 100% completed, even if they are late. I will ask Ms. Price if I am not sure about something, or one of my peers who got the right answer.

High school goal

I will achieve enough credits/ good enough grades to get a scholarship. To achieve enough credits I will pass all of my classes. I will get B´s or better for all my final grades throughout High School. While achieving good grades, I will become successful in ROTC and do community service frequently. I can put this all on my resume, making more schools look at me for a possible future scholarship.

After high school goal

I will go to college and get a degree to become a RN. After college I will enlist in the Navy as an officer. I will achieve this by getting a scholarship to college. Once I get to college, I will associate myself with the right people who will keep me on track so I can stay focused. I will work while going to college so I can support myself. Once I get my degree, I will enlist into the Navy so I can be an officer while working in the hospital on base.

personal growth goal

I will become more confident, responsible, and make a positive change in the world. My goal in life is to help children who can't afford help or can't get help. Once I get out of the Navy, I will have experience on how to react in an emergency situation and protect people. Meaning that I can go to more dangerous areas of the world and help children who can't get the proper medical attention that they need.

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Zion Shaw


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